le beta 2 deinterlacing

  • I'm using le 9.2 beta 2 on my rpi4 2 GB,

    when watching mpeg2 livetv channels 720x576i50 or h264 1920x1080i50 audio gets out of sync.

    I have to set deinterlacing to mmal-bob 1x to get sync playback

    I noticed this behaviour first with beta2.

    Could deinterlacing be improved to get back smooth playback?

  • Hi there,

    +1 for this problem. Interlaced Live-TV seems to run not very smooth, especially compared to the RPi3. I’m watching it with tvheadend and all other clients seem to be fine, so it feels like there could be an issue with the RPi4 deinterlacing. Does anyone have any information concerning that problem?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hardware deinterlacing isn't implemented for RPi4 yet. It'll come, but no ETA on that.

    so long,


  • Oh ok,

    thanks for the answer. My impression was that it used to be better in previous releases of LibreELEC.

    For those watching 1080i content (mostly Live-TV) this is a really crucial feature for the Pi4, especially because it worked superb with Pi3.

    Looking forward to the solution! :-)