Red LibreElec (**SAFE MODE!**)

  • Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I'm running LibreELEC 9.1.501 (KODI v 18.4 Leia)on a RPi 3, not overclocked. It started crashing last night and has been unstable ever since. Would love to not have to reinstall as I've spent some serious time configuring it.

    Some more info:

    Power Supply used: 2A 5V good quality
    Built From: PINN GitHub - procount/pinn: An enhanced Operating System installer for the Raspberry Pi triple boot with Retropie and a 'project space'
    USB Devices connected: Pixart USB mouse, Chikony USB keyboard when Bluetooth reported io error
    Controller used: 8Bitdo SF30 Pro, Rii Mini i8 (both bluetooth)

    Screen is alternately Official RPi 7" touchscreen or HDMI out to Samsung TV

    Pastebin of system log output:

    Pastebin of crash log output:

    Any pointers appreciated! I can still browse file system with ssh if any more info is needed.


  • Just login by SSH and "reboot". The next boot should work normally with your config.

    Downgrade to 9.0.2 to avoid safe mode issues.

    PS: Suggested power supply for RPi 3 is 2.5A.

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  • Ok thank you. Forgot to mention I suppose that I had already rebooted multiple times using

    1. reboot


    1. systemctl stop kodi
    2. systemctl start kodi

    I will look in to how to downgrade to 9.0.2 now.

    Thank you!

  • Do I downgrade via the LibreELEC setting add-on? I set it to 'manual' and looked for available versions but it didn't list any... Ive looked around and can't seem to figure out how to downgrade.

    *edit 4pm

    Downgraded and booted 9.0.2... Booted in to **SAFE MODE** still

    p.s. Sorry for all of the edits / posts, I'll try to avoid live blogging my blunders in the future.

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