Safe mode not behaving as expected?

  • Libreelec 9.1.002 on Rpi3.

    I understand Safe Mode is supposed to kick in after 5 failed starts.

    Mine, however, alternates booting to Safe Mode every time, and I mean when I manually reboot rather than if there is a crash. If I reboot via Reboot command in SSH, with the menu button in Kodi, or the Reboot button in Yatse or the Reboot button on my Irule remote (over HTTP/JSON), it reboots to Safe Mode. At this point I can no longer use my Irule remote, nor can I SSH. All I can do is use the Reboot button in Yatse, at which points it reboots to normal mode. This is the case 100% of the time -- reboots to Safe Mode, next reboot is to normal mode, next reboot is to Safe Mode, and so on.

    Am I missing something here?

    Log doesn't seem to show anything but is there a special Safe Mode log in some other location?