[RPi 3B] Crash into safe mode after updating from 9.0.2 to 9.1.501

  • Hello,

    I noticed today there were some updates available, so I opted to get them. However since the update completed LibreELEC will only start in safe mode after a crash+reboot.

    My crash logs are available here:



    None of the following helped:

    1) Restoring the default "profiles.xml"

    2) Changing my language from en-gb to en-us

    3) Restoring a complete backup from yesterday

    Currently downgrading back to 9.0.2 and doing a full restore to see if that gets things going.

    If you have further suggestions or require more information please let me know.


    Edit: The downgrade+restore was successful. Boot was quick, and asked for my master password right away. All in and back to normal.

    I guess that version 9.1+ are not stable yet as I had to specifically opt in for it?

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  • Hopefully the crash log will help devs to fix it. I had several safe mode issues with LE 9.1.0.x on RPi 3B+.

    I think it's the best choice to use the LE 9.0 branch for all RPi lower than version 4.

  • Ah ok that makes sense. I have considered upgrading to a Pi 4, they look really powerful!

    Weirdly when I inspected a previous crash dump it indicated that the keyboard connected was the cause. I did indeed have a Logitech wireless keyboard transmitter in one of the USB ports. Unplugging it and rebooting got rid of the safe mode warning, but my profile was pretty much gone.

  • It looks like the issue is triggered by the vfs.sftp addon

    2019-09-17 20:48:04.305 T:1937068048 ERROR: Unable to load /storage/.kodi/addons/vfs.sftp/vfs.sftp.so.1.0.1, reason: libcrypto.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    On LE 9.2 several crypto libraries were changed and the one used by vfs.sftp on LE9.0 is no longer available on LE 9.2.

    Can you try uninstalling that addon, then upgrade to LE 9.2 beta 2? If that succeeded you can install the LE 9.2 vfs.sftp addon which should then work as befoe.

    so long,


  • Anard it would be worth checking your logs first. Like me you may have had just one add-on causing it.

    Otherwise you can manually downgrade as follows:

    1. Settings

    2. LibreELEC

    3. Updates

    4. Change Automatic Updates to manual

    5. Change Update Channel to LibreELEC-9.0

    6. Available Versions

    7. Choose 9.0.2 then wait for installation as usual

  • Thanks so much. It's now repaired !

    I had the same problem in logs with vfs.sftp but do not know what is it.

    As LE has lost all my configurations in 9.1 version, and doesn't seem to have possibility to use my ssh shared disk, I'm happy now it recovered all my settings.

    Did you managed to use LE9.1 on RPi3B by suppressing any addon ?

  • Nope, to be honest I've not tried. -- 9.0.2 has been working so stable for a very good time now I'm not thinking its worth risking an update. Pretty sure 9.1 (and so on) are still in beta, or the automatic update option would have obtained it already.