Is ther a how to guide?

  • Hello... I have never seen anything like this before. How does one use whatever boxes? How does one view the internet? There no mouse option. Where a good place in learning how to use these boxes?

  • For Kodi you can read the tutorial: Quick start guide - Official Kodi Wiki

    By default, there is no web browser available in LibreELEC (yet).

    Kodi was not designed to be used with a mouse, but with a TV or 'box' remote.

    What exactly do you mean by "these boxes? Please note that Kodi or LibreELEC do not sell 'boxes'.

    Whatever advertisements of Kodi 'boxes' you see, they are likely to be filled with illegal add-ons, for which there is no support on this forum or the official Kodi forum.

  • "Boxes" is because I don't know what I'm viewing I guess it what Kodi is, never seen anything like it. You say it main use is for TV? I have a Raspberry Pi 4b and I just want to use this devise with my TV so I can watch movies or even listen to music and if possible surf the internet, that is it. people told me I should install LibreELEC for it. But I don't see any desktop environment. I see this Kodi on my screen with Movies, TV Shows, Music and so on ... what do I do with them? If I want to surf the internet can it be done? If so, how? If I have a movie how can I watch it from a usb flash stick? Oh yeah how do I turn this kodi off, so far I have to unplug the power cord, is there a way to turn it off? Thanks

  • Kodi is used for viewing media ie movies music on a tv. You need to own the media, so you rip a dvd or blu ray to a usb hard drive. Kodi will download fan art etc to show on the tv. Downloading illegal content, or using addons that pirate movies cannot be talked about here.
    There are addons that enable Netflix, Amazon videos & HBO. Of course you need a valid account.

    As for remotes, I think most people use a flirc dongle?

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  • Thanks but never mind I was trying to figure this Kodi out I can't be bother that just garbage why on earth people would want to use that. I want a real OS with a browser and mouse not boxes or whatever it is.... This crap is coming off my sd card now... If I have to I will just sell the Pi thing too and get a real SFF PC with WINDOWS which will do it all

  • Calling someone else's work 'garbage' simply because you are unable to work with it shows the lack of your computer software skills oh so well.

    "I want a real OS"... Right. Apparently you only understand how to operate your computer with a mouse. Try Raspbian on your RPi if you want to use your mouse.

    If you have requirements beyond the Kodi mediaplayer client, then LibreELEC is simply not the software for you. With a bit of homework you would have known that up front. When your subsequent response is only to use foul language towards Team LibreELEC, I can only conclude that the amount of brain cells in your head can simply not comprehend the art software application that after some 15 years for development has tens of millions of users worldwide. We are all not equally equipped.

    Go and be happy with your bloated phone-home PC and its Internet Explorer.