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    Thanks but never mind I was trying to figure this Kodi out I can't be bother that just garbage why on earth people would want to use that. I want a real OS with a browser and mouse not boxes or whatever it is.... This crap is coming off my sd card now... If I have to I will just sell the Pi thing too and get a real SFF PC with WINDOWS which will do it all

    "Boxes" is because I don't know what I'm viewing I guess it what Kodi is, never seen anything like it. You say it main use is for TV? I have a Raspberry Pi 4b and I just want to use this devise with my TV so I can watch movies or even listen to music and if possible surf the internet, that is it. people told me I should install LibreELEC for it. But I don't see any desktop environment. I see this Kodi on my screen with Movies, TV Shows, Music and so on ... what do I do with them? If I want to surf the internet can it be done? If so, how? If I have a movie how can I watch it from a usb flash stick? Oh yeah how do I turn this kodi off, so far I have to unplug the power cord, is there a way to turn it off? Thanks

    Hello... I have never seen anything like this before. How does one use whatever boxes? How does one view the internet? There no mouse option. Where a good place in learning how to use these boxes?