Instead of having 3 diff. rPi's going, can I...

  • instead of having to manage three diff rPi's, can I effectively have one running and mirror it in a sense to two others thus eliminating the need for 3 separate builds ?

    So main system streams to main TV but two other systems in two other parts of the house as well with their own rPi's thst would "hook" into the main.

    Hope that makes sense, ty.

  • What is the difficult part of managing the other 2 Pi?

    I once had a similar situation and I used Kodis MySQL database mode, so I was working within a single database.

    You could just have a primary pi, back up to an IMG file and re-burn the other 2, to SDCard once a month.

  • I wouldn't say there's anything difficult or necessarily annoying with it right now. It was just more or less a question because I might forget to pass an update or something along to one of the other rpi's. Which again even doing a simple backup and restore once-a-month handles.

    My main RPI would actually the RPI 4. Where the others (the hooks) are 3's. But again not necessarily a pain in the ass to manage. Just looking for more of a Simplicity for Simplicity sake if you will LOL

    So a question to ask bec I could, and generally curious.