Library corruption or scanning issue with 9.1.002 Alpha

  • Hi,

    Very sorry to crosspost, but I need to know if I should be spending more time diagnosing a problem or just sit back and wait for a fix.....

    I appear to be having a library corruption issue with two folders on my NAS (both folders where new movies end up)

    Movies are being scanned in but they're not being scanned in properly, it's as if a plugin is broke or the local library has issues?

    Example, if I sort all movies by rating.

    The far left (top) of my list, as intended has GodFather, Shawshank etc. Great!

    If I go to the right (end) of the list, I expect to see some terrible 3/10 films in there.

    However it's populated with movies from the 2 folders I mentioned above. In my library of 2000 films is "Back to the Future 2" is apparently the lowest rated movie. That is totally broken / wrong :/

    I'm guessing the rating for this entry, in my local DB is damaged?

    So I manually refresh the movie information, it repairs the metadata properly - it's fixed.

    Ok great!

    Now to try and fix it for ALL the movies in these 2 folders.

    I decide to set both folders to be "content = none" and do a library clean to remove them properly.

    I then set the content back to movies and scan them back in.

    BROKEN again.... same issue - coming up with weirdo ratings.


    Another indication that movie is damaged, when I open the information for the film, it will show the cast / acros for the film in weird order. The bit players at the start (I had to scroll 2 pages of actors for "The Avengers" before anyone actually famous from the film was visible??)

    I *accidentally* am running LibreElec 9.1.0002 (Alpha) - I don't know if this is 100% the problem, but curious if anyone else has this?

    Here is an example, of a movie which scanned in via the regular scanner and then had to be manually 'refreshed' with data from the internet, fixing the entry.



    (same gif, diff site)

    Final thing
    : So, you'd figure the scanning tool / plugin is actually the issue, but again, I can manually refresh and set the data correctly for the film and it repairs it fine? Therefore the scanning tool is capable of working properly?