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    I have a 32" Sony TV, have had it for years. The res in settings shows as 1360x768 60hz (mode 39)

    By that "logic" the link dictates hdmi_group must =2, but that's for monitors (DMT not CEA).

    I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if the end result works, but I'm confused as to why things are the way they are if you even remotely get what I'm trying to get at lol

    That said, about to solidify the settings now with mode=2 so I can use group=39 and wait for the next time the system resets without my interference.

    Will do. I'll reply back if I have any issues not thst I suspect I will... but you never know.

    But this should fix all reset issues pertaining to the pi.

    But both only seem to happen if the pi booted and the input on the TV wasnt actively connected to th pi but another was, like say a tivo.

    The first one for active-ness solved the off issue but popped this one up.

    One last question and I assume it would be in the same file, but depending on a similar set of circumstances. It doesn't always boot to the same res but what I am guessing is the smallest.

    Can it also be told to boot to / force a res in addition to telling the hdmi to be hot / on ?

    it's happened enough that its pissing me off.

    But regardless of the reason, if the Pi boots before the TV is registered as on. It doesnt seem the HDMI becomes active on my rPi3 unless I reset it.

    Regardless of what boots first. What needs to be edited and where for the HDMI to always be active?


    Ok, but for shits n giggles, let me ask this.

    Anything over the standardly enabled 30k. Obviously the higher it is above it, the "worse" it may be. So for the sake of this question. Let's bump it to max...

    What kind of noticable differences are we talking if the Pi was trying to play 60 at 30 ?

    Also, other than running warmer. I'm assuming 60 setting playing 30 is just fine as one might say ?

    So out of the box, as I understand it on 9.2.0 on the Raspberry Pi 4.

    30hz is enabled out of box so to speak.

    Well, I've done the research and know how to enable 4k60. But my question is this, is it really required for video playback ?

    I've read where on a normal desktop environment like with raspbian some have reported it helps with sluggishness or some such crap.

    But enabling it for kodi using LE, is it really needed / required ?

    To my understanding it makes the system run hotter. So basically, why do it regardless of what kind of cooling you use if any.


    Tapatalk cost the end-user a dollar a month to avoid ads...

    Other than obviously being less than a dollar, if a dollar a month isn't cheap. I don't know what is.

    But in the end it gives users a choice. Oddly enough some ppl dont mind ads, I generally dont but figured for a buck a month, why the hell not.

    So it's literally $12 a year plus what, 6 cents on the dollar depending on your state.

    All I'm asking, is it somebody at least looks at it that has the authority to add it.

    Woltlab - Download and Install | Tapatalk

    Latest version stable release 12-2-2019 version 1.4.1 for board ver 4x

    12-4-18 version 1.4.9 for board ver 5x

    And it's an official, free download, so again... Only charge for the end-user if they want to avoid ads is $1.06, a month at least for me in the state of Pa.


    I've searched, and best I can tell this forum doesn't currently support it.

    So I was wondering if it's possible that the powers-that-be could add it since I suspect it's only about a 30-minute job. I got it on a few of my sites and depending on what issues you may or may not run into, it generally takes only 20 to 30 minutes to do.

    Thank you...

    Ps; Hope this is the right sub-forum for this.

    MoreBloodWine I had been having the same issues. Only once I had Libreelec set to 4K, if I played any content (4K or 1080p) the HDMI input would flicker/blink as if I was changing input or pulling at the cable. It would only do it for me when Kodi tried to do something; e.g. subtitles popped up, up next addon popup, if I pressed play/pause. Sometimes once this happened it would go crazy flicking off and on. I tried so many cables, with and without micro adapter. I had been on Reddit and other forums trying to get help and was being told it was the cables or the adapters, I was certain it was Libreelec, but no one else was experiencing the issue I was. I was ready to fill out a return form for my RPi, when I thought I would just wipe my SD card and try a fresh install (this time I noticed it was v9.1.502 I downloaded, last time I had installed v9.1.501). Everything is now working beautifully, I cant believe I had put up with this for the last few weeks... I hope this helps you also and that you get it sorted!

    I noticed the beta 2 thread as well. So I'll check it out... thx.

    I also have auto update set to disabled bec u never know what's gonna happen with an uodate.

    in addition to the above.

    I did start the return process with Amazon just for the fun of it. I'll have a second unit to play with on Friday, with them needing to receive one back by the 15th of nov, not that I'm going to wait that long. So worst case scenario is I send one back even if both turn out to be just fine.

    Which if they do, then WTF is wrong with the one I got now?

    Seems to do it on playback more, also does it on home menu screen sometimes, but this is the worst I've seen it.

    I was thinking about defective Hardware myself. Got it off Amazon, through that one retailer that begins with a v and ends in an s.

    But my return window closes on the 30th. So I'll look into that today. Because worst case scenario is it's good and I just waste my time and get another Pi but God forbid end up with a bad one. But all cables are snug as a bug in a rug as the saying goes.

    But ya. I guess it wouldnt kill me to use Raspbian.

    That said, could I possibly SD from a Pi3 I have running bian, put it in the 4 or is that like trying to run LE 8.2.5 on the rPi 4 ?

    I'll also check the setting you mentioned, but I suspect after you watch that video. You might say that's not it LOL

    I wanted to add that that was with the video pause, it doesn't seem to be as bad if it's playing. So it's really weird at times in how it acts and how bad.

    In addition to my last reply, this one might make me slightly sound like an idiot. But I'm having trouble finding that HDMI setting. I've looked in all the settings areas that I can think of. I even went back to the Estuary skin and I'm still having trouble.

    I've noticed using 9.1.501 on the rPi 4 that sometimes, not a lot, but sometimes the HDMI flickers as if inputs were switched. Can be annoying when watching video and it blanks out for anywhere from 2 to 6 seconds.

    Like I said, doesn't do it a lot but it happens.

    I got to ask short of reading through three pages even though that's not the worst thing in the world if I did.

    But am I the only one with this issue? Because it is starting to get really annoying and I seriously would hate to go back to a Raspberry Pi 3 on 8.2.5 just to get rid of it.

    But IMO, this is why saving images are important.

    Edit: Ok, I'm gonna end up with an epileptic seizure and I'm not epileptic. I'm going back to an rPi 3 on 8.2.5 until 9.2 is final on the 4. Dont know what help I cam be but should anyone have any questions. I'll respond best I can.

    I've noticed using 9.1.501 on the rPi 4 that sometimes, not a lot, but sometimes the HDMI flickers as if inputs were switched. Can be annoying when watching video and it blanks out for anywhere from 2 to 6 seconds.

    Like I said, doesn't do it a lot but it happens.

    So setting aside the fact that the libreelec configuration hangs sometimes.

    Am I correct in assuming that to manually restore a backup. That all I need to do is unzip the zip and basically do a direct dump into the storage folder? Basically overwriting everything that is in that zip to the current configuration?

    What kind of lag, like enough to just do an inline split from the first port ?

    Not looking to try and watch two diff kinds of content at the same time. Just what TV depends on where I want to sit.

    But ya, same res.

    Oh, and clone mode ?

    Also I've seen dual monitor setups on PCS before. They always seem seamless in gaming unless it has something to do with that SLI or whatever it is.