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    Also, I know I may not be the easiest person to work with, but I can still try to help and at least debug even if no one really wants to work with me directly.

    That being said, if I pissed anyone off, I am sorry.

    But I'd prefer if we could get past any ill feelings towards me since this is a for all type of project.

    Which btw, don't think I've had menu changes so damn smooth before,even on my Pi... so Bravo!

    Don't know why this one took me so long to notice... but, I have the below linked remote. Other than play, rewind etc. Nothing else seems to works, like the home button is basically go to top of list. The what I guess we can calla right click menu button don't work.

    But these same "buttons" through the app Yhaste, work just fine.

    Edit: Stand corrected, stop doesn't work on remote either but play/pause, ff/rw are fine.

    Edit 2: Used yhaste to stop, now it, the app, doesn't seem to be able to send commands past me using it to stop playback since the remote failed.

    Edit 3: In lieu of typing out the full string, my current build is 20190507192006-e6e89ff

    To anyone wondering the same question of: Can a backup made from two completely different systems work when taken from one and put on another, provided the same underlying kodi version was used.

    The short answer is an emphatic yes it does, after I upgraded my rPi to leia from kryprton, I then took that backup and put it on the Xu4 which was installed as leia.

    Cant promise it'll be bug free as I'm still playing with it.

    and fwiw, like 25 dif apps from trakt to music and some no longer available but still work.

    Not to mention a multitude of custom skin & app changes etc. by me that I would rather not have to do by hand again.

    Your completely missing what I'm asking lol

    Nm, ill just give it the good ol college try and and not mention results since no one seems to have an answer anyway.

    Will post any bugs I findif any...

    I know how to upgrade, and as I stated backup from rpi loaded to xu4.

    Was asking if my theory should be right about it working since, afaik, its not core hardware conflicting code since,again, afaik,a backup is addons, changes to skins etc.

    Regarding my in theory comment, if I upgrade my existing setup.

    Am I right about that since afaik, it is just mods and menu changes and not core hardware conflicting code ?

    Exiting setup is on an rPi.

    Oddly enough thats part of it, forgot about Jezz's conf skin.

    99% of the time when someone complains about Krypton they're complaining about the skin change. The older Confluence skin is still actively maintained and available from the Kodi repo.

    Re Trump: lmfao

    Re good luck: Never said I wouldn't use this. Just made a request, But admittedly even if there was a chance of it happening. I do know that we at least have to get something fully working / released first.

    No addon sh*t, some ppl just cant except an I dont like it for whatever reason answer. Normally I would upgrade,tried once before, had to roll back, Rather not deal with it again.

    If it was about an illegal add-on, then we don't support it. I'm just saying to not run into cat and mouse games. Most low-version guys do those games here.

    I think I confused myself and you inadvertently.

    If or whatever reason I wanted krypton, is that some how doable by me or is it a coding nightmare ?

    In theory this should work. But I wana take a backup from existing libre krypton which i think is 8.2.5 and put it on this. Since afaik, the backups is installed data / mods to settings and not core conflicting code with hardware.

    Don't recall why I never did the 9x which I think Leia is. But I remember something off I didn't like. Might find it again, might now. But FWIW... Cant get krypton can I inwhat looks like an empty update channel which I suspect is because it's not official and your dev'ing it.