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    Thx for that, I never thought to correlate that ver num to kodi. But I am on 2.4.6 leia.

    But it's the last wildvine update that broke sling.

    Also, up on further review I misspoke and misread about my comments regarding version numbering i saw on the kodi forums.

    A lot of info was being tossed around with a lot of numbers.

    What was actually said was to install old ver of ISA and turn off auto update and it would work. Fyi, that's a lie.

    Apparently its part of the LE repository and has broken my sling setup bec it seems to be still using and regardless of whether I update the repo or not. Same ver pops and I'm seeing talk on the kodi forums to use to get it working. So here's my q.

    If the addon updates are not being pushed to the repo. Why is it even there ?!?

    Whatever button brings up the on screen data display during playback, you can pause a movie, and let it fill near the entire buffer with those settings. But using a keyboard, I believe it's the C button.

    But it will vary by device and how you connect / interact with it.

    The osd also, for me anyway. only shows what is being used.

    But u can still pause the movie. Minimize it and go to system info to see all the free/used mem.

    When the buffer is full using those settings. You'll see the mem stuff come to a standstill and sometimes twitch back and forth between a single percentage but never increase any further. From there, even if all you can se is used based on the screen you're on. Free mem isnt hard to calculate if your starting with 4g and subbing what you know it already takes after boot.

    Also. Make sure your tags are right which are...



    <buffermode>1</buffermode> <memorysize>2147483648</memorysize> <readfactor>5</readfactor>



    I will say you may need to tweak the memory size a bit, it just depends on what else you have running on that system.

    Not entirely, you will have different MAC addresses for the network cards (cable and wifi and bluetooth). But those should be initialised pretty quickly.

    I know all of that will be different bec its hardware level stuff... not software.

    I've done backups to other systems before by just placing it in the backup folder and then updating from the system itself with a TV infront of me.

    I just don't currently have access to it because of someone sleeping. But I wanted to update so that I have it ready in the morning or I should say they have it ready in the morning. So I never really expected any issues, was just asking and also got confirmed, if said method of restoring without me being physically in front of the system would work.

    Edit: Just for the fun of it... I have wifi and bt disabled on both system. If anything I own can be easily wired, it is.

    Perfect ty.

    I just haven't had the need to do this for a while. I just couldn't remember if it's what I did before.

    I thought I had to unzip it before dumping to the restore folder lol

    Edit: One other quick question while it's on my mind, I always statically set my IP's at the router.

    But something you said got me curious, can you actually Define IP addresses for Kodi from within the device itself? I never knew that was possible.

    Everything down to the last decimal is 100% identical except for the IP address which is statically set by the router using the mac address.

    So just to be absolutely clear...

    The short answer is yes, I can take a backup zip and dump it in the restore folder and then do a reboot through putty so tomorrow morning system 2 will look exactly like system 1?


    No. If you want to know whether it's usable for most RPi 4 owners, you have to read the forum anyway. If you have to be here to get such stability info, I don't get the point about update info. ?(

    The fact that you don't get it is why I'm going to leave this thread alone after this reply. Because everybody's already stated they're not going to integrate a mailing list because apparently they just don't feel like it. when it's something that can literally be done in 15 minutes with a competent coder.

    Other than what's in the RSS which no one ever really notices unless they always go back to the home screen instead of salesay leaving season view up or going back to show View and clicking into another one.

    Almost no one ever sees the RSS that often. But I do have notifications set, and have never seen anything of a mentioned update anywhere outside of the RSS which again, I hardly ever look at because I'm hardly ever on the home screen.

    I can only imagine that it's supposed to be some sort of on-screen message waiting for an Okay click or something. But assuming that's even remotely accurate, that's nothing I've ever seen.

    Most would highly disagree because they say three times the amount stuff.

    But if you watch your memory using the on-screen data, you'll see that's far from true, nothing ever gets close to a 3x rollover let alone a 1.5 rollover.

    But on a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, you can honestly and safely go with a 2GB buffer / cache (below).

    But again, some would argue against it, but what have you literally got to lose but nothing by trying it out.

    Mode: 1

    MemSize: 2147483648

    Factor: 5 (if you require this setting)

    That's kind of a loaded q.

    Is every release perfect?

    I know it's a minor thing. Something that most users may not notice.

    But rpi4 9.2.4/9.2.5

    I just rather not take the chance that it auto updates to something I might need to roll back bec something minor turns out to be something Holly fracking hell what was that major.

    So picture this, two identical systems hardware and everything. With the only significant changes not to the underlying software. But addons and things of that nature.

    If I take a backup zip, and use something like filezilla and push it to the restore folder of a Kodi device of someone I can't exactly bother right now.

    And I then manually through shell reboot the device. Will that restore it like it would if I would say go through the menu systems?

    So basically tomorrow, when they go to their system. It looks exactly like the one I literally just worked on.

    true, regarding that it updates you. But how many people go to the home menu before using it or after using it for the day to see if the RSS has been updated, or consider backing out to see if a new update is out.

    Not arguing, just stating facts lol

    With a simple mail server, all you do is you take your subject line your body of text. Hit send. It goes to the server and publishes to the various addresses submitted to it.

    Hell, if nothing else why not let the RSS persist on every page except for playback 🤷‍♂️

    is there by chance a mailing list I can subscribe to, so I get an email notification whenever a new release goes out. For example 9.2.5, which granted, is only for the Raspberry Pi 4.

    Even though I'm currently running a 3b.


    So here's the deal without getting into a whole long story.

    I'm on 9.2.4 now, doing an entire rebuild because I wanted to fix a few things / roll back a few things and use a new skin but all in general just make things slightly different than they were.

    I've since made when I guess we could call a nightly backup, since I don't really want to do anymore tonight.

    But at the same time I want to use my device to watch sling for a bit.

    So if I roll out a backup i made prior to the start of a rebuild that I think might be 9.2.3

    Will that cause issues if the device is now 9.2.4, or will the backup revert it to 9.2.3 or whatever version it was that the backup was made with, which was part of the 9x branch ?

    I mean I understand sort of what the backups backup, but I don't know if that necessarily includes the system software if you will. Or I should say version.

    The backups are dated almost two weeks after the June 4th release of nine 9.2.3, I just don't recall if I was on that at that point.

    I have a 32" Sony TV, have had it for years. The res in settings shows as 1360x768 60hz (mode 39)

    By that "logic" the link dictates hdmi_group must =2, but that's for monitors (DMT not CEA).

    I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if the end result works, but I'm confused as to why things are the way they are if you even remotely get what I'm trying to get at lol

    That said, about to solidify the settings now with mode=2 so I can use group=39 and wait for the next time the system resets without my interference.

    Will do. I'll reply back if I have any issues not thst I suspect I will... but you never know.

    But this should fix all reset issues pertaining to the pi.

    But both only seem to happen if the pi booted and the input on the TV wasnt actively connected to th pi but another was, like say a tivo.

    The first one for active-ness solved the off issue but popped this one up.