LE 9.2 with lvm2, luks (dm-crypt, veracrypt), ext4 encryption and some newclock5 kodi patches

  • download link sky42 LibreELEC community builds

    latest is 9.2.3 and has version number 9.2.3-#200605

    If you have any problems please install offcial LibreELEC version on which my build is based on and test again. If the problem is the same it is most likely not my build.

    If you dont use any of the following additions i made, then my images have no benefit for you and you should use the official build.

    the following was added in my community build:

    - /flash 1024MB

    - added a 2nd kernel for Generic: ported 4.19 from 9.0.2 and updated to the latest version (suffix kernel-4.19)

    - no GUI tools for the encryptiom or lvm2

    - enable kernel config for lvm2 and snapshots (no raid, no cache)

    - added lvm2 tools (config is under /storage/.config/lvm)

    - enable kernel config for dm-crypt to use cryptsetup (compatible with luks, veracrypt, truecrypt)

    - added cryptsetup to manage encrypted block devices with luks, veracrypt and some more

    - enabled /etc/crypttab support in systemd

    - enable kernel config for ext4 filesystem encryption

    - added fscryptctl to manage ext4 encryption

    - enable kernel config for more crypto modules and hardware acceleration (if existing)

    - curl: enable protocol support for scp, sftp, smb, smbs

    - added some Kodi newclock5 patches from popcornmix to all projects where they are not included (details see github source below)

    Builds are done for all project and devices that are supported by LE 9.2 at the moment (Generic, RPi, Rockchip)

    weekly use by me: Generic

    tested booting: RPi4, RPi2

    just build and never tested: all the rest

    The following links are only for people who are interested in the source code of my builds.

    You will find them in my GitHub account sky42src (sky42) · GitHub

    full source of my LE 9.2

    GitHub - sky42src/LibreELEC.tv at 9.2.3-200605

    diff of my source to LE 9.2

    Comparing LibreELEC:9.2.3...sky42src:9.2.3-200605 · LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv · GitHub

    Have Fun


  • reserved post for some documentation (i want to write) on how to use lvm2, cryptsetup and hopefully in a later version network bound disc encryption.

  • Thanks for your work. I'm using the LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-sky42-9.1.501-#190907-kernel-4.19 version, since the latest versions with Linux Kernel 5.0.x fail to detect the RTS5229 built in card reader on my NUC7PJYH.

    Everything is working fine now.

  • Hi, just a wuestion about the newclock5 kodi patches are there some fixes for screen tearing for rpi4?

  • I just registered to say thank you for your work!

    Everything works great!

    Ok, setting up the encrypted stuff and have it auto mounted was not the easiest as there is no documentation, but google helped!

  • sky42 What am I doing wrong?

    1. cryptsetup --veracrypt open --type tcrypt /dev/sda1 disk1 --key-file /storage/keyfile
    2. mount /dev/mapper/disk1 /media
  • Wicher

    i use this commands

    1. cryptsetup luksOpen -d /storage/Key /storage/UCrypt Crypt
    2. mount -t ext4 /dev/mapper/Crypt /storage/.Crypt
  • Avan This is for LUKS, I'm looking for a way to mount VeraCrypt since this disk is shared with a Windows machine.


    I managed to make it work, I had to change the mountpoint. Now I just have to fix the automount script.


    Is there a way to skip passphrase prompt? I'm currently using a keyfile only with an empty password. Is there equivalent of /tryemptypass for cryptsetup?

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  • Hello Sky42!

    Thank you for your builds!

    Do you plan to build a generic version based on LE9.2.2?



  • Sorry Wicher  Nicolas i was and still are very busy at work

    Wicher 2 examples from one of my posts 2 yesrs ago

    features tested:

    - truecrypt with "cryptsetup open --type tcrypt /dev/sda6 tcrypt-sda6 ; mount /dev/mapper/tcrypt-sda6 <your mountpoint>" created on OE 5.0 with truecrypt

    - veracrypt with "cryptsetup open --veracrypt --type tcrypt /dev/sdb6 vcrypt-sdb6 ; mount.exfat /dev/mapper/vcrypt-sdb6 <your mountpoint>" created on Windows 10 with veracypt and formated as exfat

    - cryptsetup luks i used to create and mount encrypted userdata

    and the actual command line i use at the moment on my CentOS7 systems to mount my encrypted drives with a PW given in a script and mounting all

    1. stty -echo
    2. $ECHO -e ">>> Please enter password: \c"
    3. read PASS
    4. stty echo
    5. cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc1 luks-sdc1 - <<< "$PASS" || exit 1

    Nicolas sorry for the delay the next post will be 9.2.3