LE 9.2 with lvm2, luks (dm-crypt, veracrypt), ext4 encryption and some newclock5 kodi patches

  • Hi sky42,

    thank you for quick update.

    Me I ask for a small change in the future ?

    /usr/share/kodi/system/settings/settings.xml increase maximum setting for "pvrplayback.delaymarklastwatched" to 86400.

    this will prevent to add watched channels for less than 24h ... to main interface, ( I use this to privacy and prevent adding channels not suitable to children... ).

    At the moment I unsquash - edit - squash... for every version of I use on x86, rpi 3, 4...

  • Would love to see this added to the official LibreElec OS. I understand it is a JeOS and want to be minimal as possible but Kodi does not support encryption and many would like to encrypt the files on their devices. All of my computers, phones and tablets are encrypted and I would like my Kodi box to be also.

  • People keep quoting the "many would like to encrypt their devices" line to us yet these images which support that have existed for an extended period of time and user numbers remain consistently between 20-30 users total. It's much like how people seeking 4K HDR with DolbyVision support insist that everyone needs it, yet stats show 60% of our userbase runs an RPi board that can't run over 1080p. This is niche and there are no plans to add it into the core distro. Yes user numbers would increase if we did bake it in, but from exprience within our userbase I'd expect 2x to 3x the number, not the 1000x increase that would justify making the change. I'm sure these images will continue to exist and support the limited numbere who do care about encrypting data.

  • trymeout i'd love that too having it for the masses like on the phone or tablet, but that is not that easy

    I just switched on the kernel support for it and the tools to use it. What is missing, to give encryption of the LE data to end users, is lots of GUI Software for a normal end user. And to make it more complicated it must be done before mounting /storage, so we dont have any config at all.

    The how i know, but i am not the guy to write the GUI software.

    I use my own scripts and systemd units to encrypt all of /storage/.kodi and i also know how to do it for /storage, but these scripts are not good enoug documented to give them away without lots of explanations. If somebody is writing the GUI part i do have the rest of the know how to do a fully encrypted /storage and can explain what the GUI has to do.

  • but from exprience within our userbase I'd expect 2x to 3x the number,

    What is wrong with a 2x or 3x increase in userbase? Should like a lot to me, you will double or triple the userbase which tells me many do want this and it seems to be worthwhile if the reward is doubling or tripling the userbase.

  • Trippling the current userbase would give 66x users total. In perspective that is (rounding up slightly) 0.0002% of our total userbase. We simply are not going to add the amount of complexity required for that number of users. If it were a 1000x fold increase we'd be serious about it, but we do know our userbase, and it won't be.