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    Hi sky42,

    thank you for quick update.

    Me I ask for a small change in the future ?

    /usr/share/kodi/system/settings/settings.xml increase maximum setting for "pvrplayback.delaymarklastwatched" to 86400.

    this will prevent to add watched channels for less than 24h ... to main interface, ( I use this to privacy and prevent adding channels not suitable to children... ).

    At the moment I unsquash - edit - squash... for every version of I use on x86, rpi 3, 4...

    Because you run on PC hardware, I think you have more chance to solve the problem by installing any Linux OS you like ( MX, Mint, Ubuntu... ) configure as you want and after that install Kodi on top...


    On rpi LE, I am successfully customizing my Kodi installation by unsquashfs, editing and squashfs again the SYSTEM.

    My rpi3b with LE 9.2.3 and wifi on it is idling at 55-56C.

    No heatsink or fan, just a plastic case with extra holes I made and kept in vertical position with power-hdmi connectors down.


    If you use visualization when play radio/music it is normal to have a high temp.

    Interesting, I just updated a working RPI4B-2G from LE 9.2.1 to LE 9.2.3 on USB stick and also in my case it is a temp increase of +6C.

    Only LE9.2.3 upgrade it is installed. Tested:

    h265-4k-24fps play: CPU temp from ~58C to ~64C.

    h264-720p-24fps play: CPU temp from ~56 to ~62C.

    I have old LE 9.2.1 installed on SD card and I can test more if it is required.

    I am testing LE 9.2.3 with firmware from post 9 on rpi 3B+ from USB stick/boot.

    I am under-clock minimum freq...

    The only problem is that for some strange reason after 1-2 days I get throttled and this with a power adapter 5v/3.1A that work perfect on rpi 4B - 2G RAM ( no throttled ).

    Next week will test with another new power adapter 5v/3A and another USB stick.


    bo ost it is censored ?!

    Easy to do from any Linux OS with gparted:

    in short you copy/paste both partition from sdcard to SDD and set boot flags as in sdcard and you are done. Probably first you need to resize/downsize existing partition from SDD if you don't have free unallocated space

    You can see here how I just added an working LE (sdb1 and sdb3) from a 2Gb sdcard to an SSD just to test new option USB boot on RPI4.

    This SSD did not had any free space left but I downsized sdb5 and sdb2 and moved sdb6 existing partition and I also expanded data partition from sd card LE install sdb3.


    do you recommend to upgrade also other files from /Flash ?

    thank you