My LIBREELEC Kodi case

  • Hi all !

    I'm proud to present you my LIBREELEC Kodi case !

    1 Chieftec case with working leds for HDD and power and working power button

    1 RF remote Gyration gyr3101eu

    1 Raspberry PI4

    1 HDD 4To 2.5" + SATA to USB 3.0 adapter

    1 Fan for HDD

    1 Fan for CPU

    1 Heat sink for CPU

    1 Custom I/O shield (back panel)

    Cables for USB-C, USB2.0 Network and HDMI for the rear panel

    And a lot of time to make it hahaha !




  • I have the same project in mind

    I wanna build a big htpc with my Rock Pi 4b which is going to have at least 4 hdds. I do know that I will have to use an external PSU which is fine. I might use a PC PSU but first I have to check if I wlll be able to manage the power of the PSU using the gpio of my sbc.