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    1080i isn't a resolution it's a method of interpolation fields to reduce codec performance drag.

    From memory if your tv can only play 1080i it wont be able to handle the 1080p resolution. So set it to 720p.

    So for instance I have it set to 1080p resolution but when I play 4k the videos resoution is 4k but the user interface is 1080p.

    Also you might want to check kodi forums and maybe even open elec and raspbian ones on how to force resolution.

    STICKY: Setting up HDMI output when video output is wrong. - Page 19 - Raspberry Pi Forums


    From my experience the codec used in the production of the video being played is important. There is limitations to the Rasp pi, but they are perfectly acceptable IMO.

    h264 and h265 run without stutters.

    I have found some files that are encoded outside the DVR recording standards struggle because as you have noticed they need more processing power to smoothly play the video.

    This is just something we need to accept with Rasp Pi 4b.

    The silver linning is h265 4k buffers and plays faster than on my main pc, but some of the larger and questionable hevc encodes are touch and go.

    Others have mentioned it in the past but reencoding your videos might be something worth considering. As a audio video nerd h265 file sizes are relatively tiny compared to their counterparts. So reencoding could help free up space but may take a little time working out some good settings.

    I've made posts on other places about understanding and accepting the limitations of Rpi4, who knows we could be one revision of the board away from playing the files you are having problems with.

    Only thing I can think of is trying to fresh reinstall on another sd card, even try OpenElec or newer/older Libreelec builds.

    The goal ATM is to find out if it works at all with anything to eliminate hardware fault.

    So you need to;

    * Test different Operating Systems(With CEC)
    * Test different TV's
    * Test different cables(already done)

    What's the model number of the TV, probably worth looking up whether someone somewhere else has had issues with that TV. Also I remember ages ago updating firmware on my TV.

    I've been testing on a wide number of TV's(mine, friends and families) and have only had the problem with the cable in use.

    There is also settings for CEC in your System -> Input -> Peripherals.

    Make sure it's not turned off or on some weird setting, eventhough I trust you didn't change the settings from install. It doesn't hurt to double and triple check these things.

    I’ve also noticed that some video does not play smoothly.

    More than likely has to do with the file. H264 and H265 are very smooth, but I've noticed with some old and badly/oddly encoded videos there is slight stutters. The pi doesn't seem to break a sweat on the codecs it supports via hardware. Have been thinking about just re-encoding things to h264.


    New 4K video capabilities still have plenty of rough edges to be smoothed out, but the Pi Foundation developers have been pushing fixes to the Alpha test team at a phenomenal rate over the last month and that will continue as the userbase expands.

    You guys are doing a phenomenal job for the Rasp Pi 4 launch. I've been watching 4k h265 not just at home but at friends houses and even on the work TV.

    I've bought 3, and have another one coming for a parent. I have my brothers and sister interested in getting one, and I have a mate who wants a few for him and his friends and family.

    Most users wouldn't be interested in this device if it wasn't for your work in particular.

    This is a pretty good wave to be riding right now.