RPI4b/4GB 9.1.002 image - Library clean popup while watching

  • I'm running 9.1.002 on a new RPi4b/4GB Ram and while watching shows it repeatedly displays a popup and tries to clean the music library. Canceling the clean only results in it popping up again a few minutes later. It happens during playback as well as just in menus while trying to do other tasks. Has anyone else run into this behavior?

  • In the Libreelec settings plugin you can package kodi logs and it will give you a small link to post.

    It just helps the people narrow down your problem, quite often they wont offer help without logs because you cannot really be sure of the issue.

    Make sure to replicate the issue before doing this though.

  • I have the same setup and I never get an automatic pop for cleaning any library. Did you enable Clean Library at startup, and/or perhaps install also other add-ons? Perhaps providing the kodi.log file via a paste website will give us some further insight.

  • It seems to just be with the Music cleaning, I've tried with the update and clean on and off. I eventually just removed the music library to get it to stop so the fiance stopped complaining about it. I'll add it back today and grab some logs after kicks off again.