Moving to the future

    • theres lots of interesting things out there to look at these days but its probably best to start with what your expectations are from the unit and where your interests lie. as well depending on your technical skill set and if you like to play or are strictly looking for a pick and play solution.

      i only add the technical skill set statement as putting most of the bs advertising crap aside one of the main things to consider is support for whatever you buy. if your the type that like to play and try things its probably best to buy something that you typically would see supported on places like here and some of the other forums like CoreElec and others.

  • True statement. Support means updates and answering questions. Very important, and it means long-term costs for companies.

    Since the release of RPi 4B we have a low-cost 4K streaming box, which runs LibreELEC, and has free support. :love::love::love:

    It's hard for streaming box companies! Even China can't concurrent with it. That's why this forum is currently under attack from there.

    Flexin' vinyl, jammin' break beats. 8)

  • I would like my next system to animate the menus at 30fps, 100% consistently at 4k resolution, prefer 60fps but 30 is fine.

    Run 4k HDR, X265 content at full speed, no problems.

    A bonus, I would like to one day be able to decode 4k, HDR, AV1 content on it at full speed. I suspect this will not be possible without waiting 3+ years.

  • what settings are needed for 4k 60fps

    I HAVE RI 4, which is 4 Gb Version

    unable to play 4K 60 fps content...

    kindly help me with the settings needs to be done