Bluetooth autoconnect

  • Maybe just a myself-reminder. but I have saved a gist with the udev rules needed for letting my LE box to autoswitch the output audio device on bluetooth connected device.

    The outcome is:
    BT connected -> pulse active (A2DP output)
    BT disconnected -> alsa active (HDMI output)

    Feel free to comment or suggest improvements.

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    If you (we) figure out how to autodetect the MAC address this could be something we bundle in to the distro?

    Possibly, however it may be semi-hacky.

    Would be nice to have an option in the LibreELEC-settings to enable/disable the function

  • What is the purpose of this? How the pulse and alsa can active together? Why the HDMI output when BT connected?

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  • The purpose is to switch audio output to pulse/BT when a specific device (selected by MAC address) is connected.

  • Pelican: there was a typo. Just an output is active at a moment

    lrusak: a GUI configurable behaviour would be priceless. At the bluetooth screen, it could be chosen if this autoswitch would run, thus, the MAC address will be known, addressing chewitt idea

  • Just to say I use this with audioprofilesswitcher, so instead of pointing to your I use a couple of shell scripts to switch audio profiles.
    eg as simple as

    /usr/bin/kodi-send --action="RunScript(,1)"

    It works great for me, many thanks for documenting it.

  • Maybe this works better?

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