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    Adding the following to the .config folder did also work for me

    (sleep 10 && mount -o remount,discard /flash && mount -o remount,discard /storage && mount -t cifs // /storage/timecapsule -o username=kodi,password=kodi,unc=\\\\\\Data\\Films,sec=ntlm,vers=1.0)&

    After updating to LibreElec 8.2.0 from 8.0.2 I can not see the folders in a shared map to which I connected a physical drive any more.

    I use Windows 10 and have created a separate username and password with access to a shared folder. In this folder I have 6 folders. 2 of the folders have physical disks connected to them. With the correct rights for the user. I only see the "normal" folders.

    If I give access to everyone, the behavior is the same.

    If I force Samba 1 it works. But I assume this should work with Samba 3?

    here another test build Mobile File ;)

    Thanks a lot. This one is working. It starts Kodi and the sound setting is used.

    Only it takes a very long time for Kodi to start up. Normally it starts up in a second? I do not know which logfile would help in this, since the kodi log starts after the delay. In the system log in see a lot of times:

    [drm:intel_dp_aux_ch] dp_aux_ch timeout status 0x71450064

    I do not want to be impolite, but is there any way I can get attention on this? There must be more people who have a problem with this, I was under the impression, the lack of support for lower sample rates is a common problem with Pioneer receivers, so they need this setting.

    I tried setting it on 3 on a ION 3D and saw no difference. On the newer Beebox with Intel Brasswell, fast forward skipping seems to give distortion for a short time when you continue playing on 3 and not on 2 while decoding x264. But that can be coincidence. This is why I was wondering what it was.

    In Libreelec 8 I see a new setting in System; Display, it is called "Number of buffers used by graphics driver" and the default is 2. In the Kodi Wiki there is no description for this option. Also the small help text displayed when selected, doesn't explain much for me.

    Can anybody explain what is does and when you should change it?

    There is a lot of stuff in your advancedsettings.xml, for testing purpose can you make a copy of your current advancedsettings.xml, delete it and create a new one with just what i posted to see if that works.
    Reboot before testing

    Same, here is the log with a minimum of settings in advancedsettings.xml (I Need those settings to be able to play an audio file)

    Kodi Log

    It was working fine until I updated to Libreelec 8 a couple of hours ago.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    This doesn't work?
    Do you have it set to "best match" in Audio output configuration, if so try "optimized" or "fixed".
    Can you post a log

    Thanks for your reply. I only hear audio when I put it on fixed, but then I loose audio passthrough. Here is the Kodi Log

    Maybe this works better?

    Harmony shows up in LE bluetooth-settings, but it doesn't stay connected after reboot and doesn't work at all even if I get it paired. With Openelec pairing was one time job and has worked for weeks after that without any problem.

    I have the same problem when I use the Elite's Bluetooth keyboard connection in LE. I presumed the Elite tried to connect before LE was completely started up. But if you say it worked in OE (Never tried it in OE), then that can't be the problem.

    I prefer the remote's IR function and have placed an extender before the IR receiver. There is zero delay in the signals. With the Bluetooth keyboard connection I notice a smal delay when going up/down/left//right throught the menu's/options.