Crossupdate from OpenELEC - Configuration

  • Hello,

    I'm thinking about crossupdating my Raspberry Pi2 from OpenELEC to LibreELEC. I'm running an Openmediavault NAS with a MySQL Database and have shares with movies on it. I editited the advancedsettings.xml so I can use Kodi also on my computer inclusive the "watchedstate", "resumepoint" etc. There is also a DVBSky S960 DVB-S-Tuner used with TVHeadend.
    If I do the crossupdate right now, will all work the same as before or do I have to make a new configuration?


  • Most configurations are unique. So it's best to make a full backup of your working setup before doing any upgrading.

    Once you have made the backup, download the correct .tar file, and place it in the Update folder as usual, and reboot.
    Should there be problems, you can either downgrade and restore your backup, or go indeed for a new configuration, depending on how big the mess is. :-)

  • If you update from a recent version of Openelec to the latest stable version and you use a skin that is compatible with the version of Kodi you install, you should have no problems.

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  • NB: Always make a backup and move it off-box first, then it's easy to recover if something goes wrong.

  • Thanks for your answers. Just had no time to response until now.
    I did a backup and tried the crossupdate. After the update I couldn't receive any more TV channels. I found out that TVHeadend needed an update. After doing this update the TV channels startet to run, but after some seconds it is frozen. That's why I had to go back to my backup with Openelec.
    There are some configurations I changed right now in my Openelec TVHeadend setup. I will try to do the update again in the next days (when I have time to) to see, if the problem will continue or not.