"Number of buffers used by graphics driver"

  • In Libreelec 8 I see a new setting in System; Display, it is called "Number of buffers used by graphics driver" and the default is 2. In the Kodi Wiki there is no description for this option. Also the small help text displayed when selected, doesn't explain much for me.

    Can anybody explain what is does and when you should change it?

  • IIRC for now if you have an Intel graphics or an older GPU the setting "2" is recommended,
    if you have a more recent GPU or Nvidia you can safely use "3".

    I have tried both "2" and "3" and i have yet to see a difference on a GTX 1070 or GTX 750 Ti.

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  • I tried setting it on 3 on a ION 3D and saw no difference. On the newer Beebox with Intel Brasswell, fast forward skipping seems to give distortion for a short time when you continue playing on 3 and not on 2 while decoding x264. But that can be coincidence. This is why I was wondering what it was.

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