Libreelec s812

  • Dowloaded the image but couldn't boot to it. It is a Mxiii-G (clone) burned it to the SD and used the toothpick method.

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  • Toothpick method working now with the SD image. Want to install LE to the NAND but can't get it to work. I've used the libreelec version witch is the same as the SD image.


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  • What device you have got? Whats the wifi module? do you have any board pictures as there are many copy versions available in the market as well

    Can i install libreelec with android recovery on m8s plus ?

    Yes you may but the version 7.0.2 have wifi issues and need to turn on from power if its turned off .

    I ld suggest for now keep using MEGA which is currently stable and hopefully there be stable Libreelec version out soon


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