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    Hello, I have Tronsmart S89 (S802H)

    Which is the latest libreelec firmware for my box? (I would like to put it internally (not on SD))

    Does "LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-9.0-devel-20190207022938-5e27f15.tar" work with that box?

    Or "LibreELEC-S82.arm-9.0-devel-20190206212910-5e27f15"?

    Thanks in advance!

    is there any way to produce LAN1000 image which could be booted as AlexELEC?

    In the image AlexElec used the old scheme of a multi-boot that can run only the image AlexElec from the external media. To run all the system from removable media, you need to preactivate-boot on new version (using the script aml_autoscrip from the composition of my images LE or Armbian). Run all the images are universal. To start AlexElec will need to add to the media with its additional script s805_autocript (assembled specifically to support AlexElec).

    I simply cannot understand what you're trying to tell me or I cannot get multiboot mode with my M8S+

    Here's my steps, could you trace what I'm doing wrong:

    1. download LAN1000 image
    2. burn image to SD card using Win32diskImager
    3. Put SD card into box
    4. Plug out box, press toothpick, plug in box
    5. It finished with black screen in my case
    6. plug out box

    Now when I tried to boot with the same SD card it always ended with black screen and no loading at all (with or without toothpick)

    When I remove SD card system boots normally form box RAM with old Kerber's Libreelec (Kodi 16.1) which work perfect.

    When I insert USB with the same image box just ignores it and boot image from RAM.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Arcee, AlexELEC 2.2.2. here: Releases · AlexELEC/AlexELEC-AML · GitHub should work with BCM4335 (try with M8S+ version which is made for that chip).

    Unfortunately, I have M8S+ with AP6330 and it won't work with any of the builds. Only full working version (with kodi 16.1) is Kerber's from here: Index of /image/LE8

    Version 8.0.1. from the same folder should work with BCM4335, you could try it.

    Yes the version was also working fine.

    New version 8.0.1 is perfect no issues at all checked wifi, bluetooth, 1080P, remote control etc. Everything is spot on.

    I think you have Alexelec version kodi 17.1 working so you should be good.

    No good. AlexELEC is working except Wifi and bluetooth.

    But I still don't understand how could work fine with both BCM4335 & AP6330 chip?
    Couldn't it be the same with 8.0.1?

    I have tried it and all working fine with BCM 4335 not sure about AP6330

    It is strange that previous Kerber's version ( works perfect with my M8S+ (including wifi), but 8.0.1 nada (same symptoms as pepperami).

    So if I have AP6330 how it's possible that works great which is working great with BCM4335 also?

    AlexELEC 2.2.0 should work with BCM4335 now.
    I'll check in my M8S+ if it's still working with AP6330 and what's with bluetooth...

    Here's what's new in 2.2.0:

    kodi: up to 17.1-rc2-9637da6
    S812: add support BCM4335B0 wifi & other firmware
    S812: fix rtl8723bs_bt firmware
    S812: add device MXIII_G