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    Thought that i found it. Booted from USB stick and it was working on the “broken” device. After a reboot not working again. Put the sd card in the working device.. same problem... i think it is not gonna work for the x96 s905w. I also noticed that the device -when it boots - the screen is pink and not its normal colors. The pink color is also in LE. When i boot Android the colors are good.

    OK apprarently a broken device. A device of the same model is working with this build en device tree. When i want to use the installtointernal command, the command is executed but at the backing up recovery partition it stops (as it seems).

    Another problem is that the remote is not working. Any solution for that? I've tried to use the remote.conf and placed it in the /.storage/config folder but it is not working.

    Got it working now. But when de device reboots the screen goes black and it doesn’t boot. I installed it the to sd card

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatelly the links don't work

    The S905/S905x version should work? My device wont boot from sd already tried that. What devicetree should i die then?

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    I have a chinese X905W box and wan't to install libreelec to it.Where to find the libreelec 8 image?

    Kind regards René

    Toothpick method working now with the SD image. Want to install LE to the NAND but can't get it to work. I've used the libreelec version witch is the same as the SD image.


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    Dowloaded the image but couldn't boot to it. It is a Mxiii-G (clone) burned it to the SD and used the toothpick method.

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    Installed LE To the nand of my tv box and now I want te create a image of the nand. How can i do that? I have amlogic usb tool but that only supports push to the device not pull.
    It is an amlogic s805

    Any help welkome

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