9.2 on a NUC ?

  • I loaded LE 9.2 (generic x86_64-9.1.001) on my old Intel NUC - Model DC53427HYE (Core i5-3427U). I played a few videos and there was a very bad digital type distortion on the bottom half of the screen during playback (not all the time though). I decided not to troubleshoot it and reverted back to 9.0.2 and everything is fine again.

    I'll try it again later when I have time to troubleshoot the issue

  • I’ve been using LE9.2 on my old NUC (i3) for a few days with no issues, although I’ve only played multichannel music and music videos (mostly HD videos with DTS-HDMA, TrueHD and Atmos).

  • I upgraded my NUC 8i7BEH to 9.1.002 / 9.2 earlier today. So far no issues across all media types. I'll keep an eye on memory usage since this version is supposed to fix the memory usage issues in earlier releases.