9.2 on a NUC ?

  • I loaded LE 9.2 (generic x86_64-9.1.001) on my old Intel NUC - Model DC53427HYE (Core i5-3427U). I played a few videos and there was a very bad digital type distortion on the bottom half of the screen during playback (not all the time though). I decided not to troubleshoot it and reverted back to 9.0.2 and everything is fine again.

    I'll try it again later when I have time to troubleshoot the issue

  • I’ve been using LE9.2 on my old NUC (i3) for a few days with no issues, although I’ve only played multichannel music and music videos (mostly HD videos with DTS-HDMA, TrueHD and Atmos).