• Mario77 This is my working comskip.ini


    (Remove ,txt) for the UK freeview. Seems to work OK, not perfect but fairly good.

    If you can improve it, then please advise.

    Thanks for that...

    looks very similar to what I m using..

    Only difference I can see is in

    yours is "min_show_segment_length=125" mine 250

    and "volume_slip=20" mine is 40

    On most shows mine works perfect but there is a couple that I can't get to work as it should..probably will have to live with it..

    I would say it works fine 90% of the time...think it's about right..

  • I am using txt file output from comskip run as a post-process by TVHeadend on TS video files created with TVHeadend.

    I downgraded LE 9.1.501 (Kodi 18.4) to LE 9.1.002 (Kodi 18.3) to get commercial skipping working again.

    See Index of /

    I found no benefit using EDL files on my RPi4-4 (I tested EDL, EDLx and VDR output from comskip). I found that Kodi Leia 18 was seeing EDL files as video files and entering them into the library causing duplicate entries, so I switched them all off again.

    I will test EDL files again when Kodi 18.5 becomes available through LE - as that seems to be the preferred Kodi specification for commercial skipping. See Edit decision list - Official Kodi Wiki.

    Hope this helps.

  • Strange indeed...I m too using comskip from tvheadend but on .mkv recordings..

    Strange thing is that edl never scanned to library...VDR did scan so I removed them

    Also edl are still working from pvr recordings..

    Also for some reason adding recordings as a video source is not working anymore for me...shows dont play from library..

  • Did anyone managed to get comskip to work from a script on LE?It works fine from a postprocessor commands but I got a script as post command and I m trying to integrate comskip with success yet..keep getting

    Read-only file system - could not create file %f.txt
  • Hi Iridium

    I m trying your batch script for comskip..

    My problem is I have my recordings in various subfolders..

    cd /var/media/HDD/Tv_Shows_Recordings

    this command only processes recordings in that folder..

    Do you have any idea how can I make this script to work with subfolders..