Support for A10/A20

  • sad news :(

    we can bury our cb2 boards.

    Old, crap stock android 4.x. Armbian - non official supported. I try Lakka, but it even not boot. LE is the best that i try.

    7 years for kernel support - hw decoding and hdmi-audio. No one have time and want to fix code for old chip support.

    When and if there is a volunteer, the A10 / A20 will fall further behind technology.

  • To concentrate on the positive ....

    I will be glad to keep A20 port alive or resurrect it later.

    That would be great, thank you. Reading recent testing results on the Nightly images for A20, A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards thread, is it the case that a number of recent commits have led to this situation?

    It would be good if your proposed port could be taken at a point just before any such troublesome commits and, if at all possible, in the most stable possible position. I think all the Allwinner early adopters would appreciate the port you propose, thanks jernej.

  • Where i can get last build for a20?

  • I think it's worth trying a inet1 ... In any case - thank you very much!

    Welcome, an inet1 image has compiled successfully, named, LibreELEC-A10.arm-9.80-devel-20201025105102-6552c51-inet1.img.gz

    That is compiled from a (historical) point from which I do not yet have a Cubieboard image to test.

  • TY, but here is an image from August(It is not last build), I have from September.

    Where did you get the one from September? The only other place I know is Index of / , but I can't find it there. If you got it there, I guess they've already deleted it (why though?).

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    The only other place I know is Index of / , but I can't find it there. If you got it there, I guess they already delete it (why though?).

    That place is maintained by scripts. Images gets deleted when build job is started and uploaded when building is finished. Given that there is no more A20 port in master, images were only deleted.

    I plan to build and upload latest available images before the support was removed. I'll link it here.

  • about hdmi-audio

    b1e43da work

    5e44eaf work

    04373a4 not work

    5a56803 not work

    looks like i find a reason. but i not familiar with git and i can go wrong directions

  • sad news :(

    we can bury our cb2 boards.

    No need to bury working hardware, I still have a cb2 in use!

    But not with LE (it's too weak for that anyway), but with OpenWRT. You don't have to use it for wifi/routing though, it has a huge package collection.

    So my good old cb2 is a mpd client on OpenWRT playing music. And then there's my good old beaglebone, which runs asterisk on OpenWRT handling my phone calls. Both rock stable without hiccups, doing their job and while barely using any power :)

  • cb2 as a mpd client on OpenWRT for playing music, this is an overhead. a TP-Link pocket router is enough.

    I don't need 4K, my internet won't provide speed. I was counting on 720p, 1080p. YouTube worked great. The plan was to try nes / snes / sega. Lakka also does not support A20 because the parent project does not.

  • I'm trying to run netflix and Disney+ on an old a20 based tv box, but it requires for input stream.adaptative, where can I get it? Or how can I build it?