Upgraded from 8.2.5 to 9 on Intel Nuc. Calibration resets after each reboot.

  • Got the same problem on my NUC. The video calibration is lost on reboot, didn't have this problem on 8.2.5. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?

    *Edit* If i set the refresh rate of the GUI to 50 FPS instead of 60, it seems to not be reset on reboot.

    *Edit2* Spoke to soon. Still resets...

    Ditto on the problem. I have a NUC (DCP847SKE to be specific). I'm going through a Pioneer A/V receiver. The receiver shouldn't be the issue. LibreELEC 9.0.0. I went back to my old LibreELEC for the time being. Too much wasted time getting things back in order again.

  • Ok, finally fixed it on my box!

    Apparently there is a bug on the Kaby lake boxes:

    No HDMI Audio on 2018/Kabylake Chromeboxes:

    • the snd_soc_skl audio driver is breaking things, so we need to blacklist it. Open up the 'configfiles' network share on your Chromebox, then the modprobe.d folder. If it doesn't already exist, create a new text file blacklist.conf and add the line 'blacklist snd_soc_skl' to it. Save and reboot the Chromebox.

    Chromebox - Official Kodi Wiki

  • I have found that Klojum is correct, this is a TV issue. You may have to spend considerable time getting up close and personal with your TV settings, but once you find it and make the correct setting the problem disappears. On my Philips it was under picture format. I had it set to auto which seemed logical to me, but when I changed it to unscaled the issue cleared up.