SDD disk not visible in Raspi

  • I have issue to connect SDD to Raspi - initially I thought it is related to low power, but even when connecting it via USB hub this is still failing - any clues?

  • if it's an SSD that was previously connected to a Windows PC:

    - check if Windows was properly shut down. Not in suspend mode, not in hibernation mode

    - check for disk errors on the SSD if it is an NTFS or FAT partition.

    Otherwise, the USB caddy controller maybe somewhat allergic to Linux.

  • Thanks, however the same disk works fine on LE 9 running on Intel box, so I suppose this is something specific to Raspi?

  • here it is:

  • I assume the hub you use is powered. My thoughts seems to suggest, either the HUB or the power supply to it, is causing the issue.

    Can you provide the output of

    dmesg | paste

  • I changed the hub to another one powered by 3A power supply and it is working now - I expected that RPI can handle SDD without additional power (I'm using 2A for powering RPI)? Would better power supply for RPI help here?

  • It might (and should) help, I have only one combination of power supply (3A) and USB cable that works with my RPi3 and 240GB SSD that I use when travelling.

  • The RPi3 *can* power a SSD but it is not advisable. I've used a SSD directly on the RPi and it works for a bit. However, unless you have a VERY good PSU that keeps a constant 5V over all uses, you will start to see errors.

    For safety (and integrity if your data) it's best to use a powered hub.

  • For me it works with that specific combo in combination with:

    1. max_usb_current=1

    I've used that RPi/SSD combination quite many times when travelling without any problems.

  • Ok, I can confirm, RPi3B+ powered with 3A power supply can directly use (without a hub) not only 500 GB SSD but also 1.5 TB HD (WD Elements).

    So for me this is perfect setup for travelling / vacations.