LibreELEC issue with Update Library

  • Team.

    I have LibreELEC 8.95.2 along with other Kodi instances running on FireStick. They are all running Leia and sharing DB. Not sure if it is a coincidence but today I update one of my FireStick Kodi Instances to RC5.2 and that upgraded the DB. Now I added a new file to a folder already added on Kodi and I'm doing an update library on LibreELEC and is not showing up at all. If I browse through Files to the directory I can see and play the file just fine but it is not adding the info to the library.

    Any ideas?

    Here is the latest log -

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  • LibreELEC 8.95.003 with Kodi RC5.2 and MyVideos116 entered internal testing, and is likely to be released in a couple of days.

  • Thanks for the info Klojum. But 8.95.02 should be working using MyVideos113 right? No matter if another instance is using 116 as the one already upgraded to RC5.2. Or is that causing my manual library update to not work properly?

    Checking the log I can see that Kodi is scanning my Movie folder (Volume1/Video) but I don't see it scanning my tvshow folder (Volume1/TV) where I added the new file. And I don't have a clue why not.

  • I found the issue. For some reason not sure how.. the Content wasn't set properly for the TV folder and it wasn't scanning the folder because of it. Weird as LibreELEC is the Kodi instance I used often. Maybe the upgrade to 8.95.02 remove that for some reason? Not sure.. anyways it is fixed.

  • Another thing to watch for is a Kodi issue and has to do with sharing a common database on a local network... Its best to make sure all the devices sharing the database are on the same revision of Kodi.