Delay >30s for the first video play

  • Hello all,

    I just moved from Libreelec Kodi 17 to Libreelec 8.95.002 (LibreELEC 9.0 (Leia) Beta 2, v8.95.2).

    I've got a strange (for me ^^) problem : the first movie (since last reboot, or since last... I don't know really) I want to see is very long to start (more than 30 seconds), while movies I'll see after would be immediately started, as it was before I changed version of LibreElec.

    It's not the movie iself : first try on movie A : freeze (even the debug informations on the screen are frozen), movie B : ok, no freeze, movie A again : no freeze.

    Here you could find a debug with these kind of test :

    (this log if very long, it looks like some people can't open it completely).

    First try : about 23:36 : Abyss : Freeze (I repeat : even debug informations on top-left corner are frozen, numbers are not changing. It's runing again a few micro-seconds before movie starts)

    Second try about 23:38 : Aftermath : ok, no freeze

    Third try about 23:40 : Abyss again (same as first try) : ok, no freeze.

    Do you have any idea ?

    If it's not the good thread, or if I forgot to write something, please forgive me Smile. Please note this post was created on Kodi Development forum, and I had been fired because it was a mistake. I hope this forum is the good one : PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF IT'S NOT CORRECT.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Please, someone how knows could have a quick look on the log please ? The problem is probably written in but I don't know what.

    I gave you the time where it occurred, as you can see in the previous post.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Disable or remove the Watchdog addon/service/whatever, and restart LibreELEC.

  • Disable or remove the Watchdog addon/service/whatever, and restart LibreELEC.

    Hi Klojum,

    Thank you for your answer and the time you spent for me. Unfortunately, it looks like Wtachdog is not the problem : I disabled it, and as you can see, problem is the same :

    You'll see that I tried to watch "Abyss" at 14:51:01, and nothing happened on the screen before 14:51:40.

    (for information, I think Watchdog was started in the previous log because there was exactly no activity, but we don't care). Of course, if I try to whatch the movie a second time, it' started immadiately. Another movie too (so, it's not a buffer problem ?).

    Thank you again : I really don't know what is this problem.

  • Rename your current .kodi folder and restart Kodi for a fully fresh profile. Install no addons, just play the videos. If there is still a lag problem, it's your network and/or NAS somehow.

  • I'll do that. Thank you.

    I can't imagine how a network and/or NAS problem could freeze the debug informations wroten on the top left screen (when you switch on debug mode), but youiknow more than me. In addition, please note that today, another Kodi player (on another computer), using same network and same NAS has no problem ; in addition too, there was no problem before the upgrade to LibreELec RC4with the same hardware, same network, same NAS.

    Could you tell me more about what you've seen in the new log ? It looks strange that there is strictly nothing between

    1. 14:51:14.997 T:1559614320 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 1559614320 terminating (autodelete)


    1. 14:51:38.621 T:1937408016 DEBUG: CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers(smb:// (1989)/Abyss (1989).HDTV.1080p.Untouched.mkv)

    isn't it ? about 14 seconds without nothing, and during this time, debug informaitons are frozen on the screen also.

    I'll try a new fresh install (add-on incompatiblity, but not trace in the log ?) and will tell you.

    Thank you.

  • You can also enable debugging via the advancedsettings.xml file. Search for the loglevel 1 in the Kodi wiki pages.

    You will then have no OSD debug data on your screen.

  • I frequently have the same issue.

    I have multiple Hard Drives accessed over my home network. When I play a movie from a hard drive that is asleep it takes about 30 seconds for the movie to start. But I can stop that movie and start it again (or start another movie on the same drive) and it starts right away. But if I start a movie from another drive that is asleep, the delay occurs again.

    I thought is was the drive was slow to wake up (like a teenager) - Kodi is telling the hard drive to wake up and the hard drive is saying "five more minutes".

  • When I play a movie from a hard drive that is asleep it takes about 30 seconds for the movie to start.

    Surprising... having to wait for a movie that resides on a harddrive that is hibernating. :-)

    I don't know why it takes longer than the harddrive to wake up, but Kodi was never designed for snoring storage solutions. It expects to have access 24/7 to a usb or nas device drive.

  • Ok. Thank you for your answers, but it's definitively not the same issue, as :

    - I'm not a Kodi professional as others, but movies are on a NAS without hibernating setup. I know that. If I need to prove it :

    - Once again, problem was not present at all until I changed Libreelec version (this point seems to be important, isn't it ?). The problem started exactly WHEN I changed LibreELEc version.

    - Problem is not present today with other Kodi players (this point is not bad, isn't it ?)

    - As far as I know Kodi, it would be strange that a network delay freeze the debug informations displayed on top left of the screen. But you know this point better than I am.

    Klojum, I really don't understand why you are telling me I can enable debugging with the advancedsettings.xml. The fact informations are frozen on the top left is, of course, a symptom, not a problem itself. My problem is not, of course, to have OSD debug data on my screen.

    Thank you

  • Could you try change the kodi database to local instead of mysql?

    I had a similar problem with mysql, it was very laggy, the only solution for me was to replace mysql with mariadb....

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  • I really don't understand why you are telling me I can enable debugging with the advancedsettings.xml

    Just attempting the Sherlock Holmes approach: exclude all possible interference so the real problem will surface.