LibreELEC 9.0.1 builds for S905 (semi official)

  • Is this still the latest build for S905X boxes? I think last time I updated it was january. Does anyone work on migrating Libreelec 9.2 to S905 devices?

  • Since this is the only libreelec with more or less working dvb drivers for my mecool ki/k1 pro I'm still using it.

    I have a small problem though (not new but lately it has been nagging me): from time to time (well, quite often actually) when I switch the tv to the hdmi port where the box is connected, the screen is black.

    There is a signal, kodi is still working (I hear the audio feedback if I press some key on the remote) but the screen is black. I have to ssh into the box and restart kodi, but that is not wife friendly.
    I tried to disable the screensaver, using google earth as a screensaver (thinking it would keep the screen active) but nothing worked.

    Any idea? Maybe I could bind a remote key to "systemctl restart kodi"? How?

  • Ok, I found a way to restart kodi with a remote key.

    First I mapped an unused key (the lower lef "browser" key) to something that kodi recognizes (I used KEY_NUMERIC_STAR that kodi maps to star, at the same time I found the good code for the "dtv" key which is KEY_TUNER), then I created the file .kodi/userdata/keymaps/restart.xml with this content


    Let's see if it works when it's actually needed.

  • Which is not an issue in coreelec.

    Well, I actually tried coreelec on this box and never really pursued it because I couldn't get tvheadend, oscam, pcsc and webgrabplus working (i.e. the things I need to work).

    I didn't try very hard and I don't remember the specifics, maybe it was my fault (I'm using a self compiled tvheadend but I hoped the one in coreeelec was newer) but anyway, this image works.

  • wich DTB File for MeCool KII Pro with DVB-S2 Support?

    - KIII Box, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, LE on internal - TVH-Frontend

    - KII Pro Box, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, LE on internal - TVH-Backend/Frontend