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    Hello everybody...

    I am using a MeCool KII Pro with DVB-S2, it is currently running LE on it with Kodi 17.6.

    I would like to update to the latest stable version and also from 4.2 to 4.3 for TVH.

    Unfortunately, I haven't dealt with it for 2 years and i am currently completely overwhelmed with it. Can someone tell me if and how I can do the update? I wouldn't want to set up the system from scratch, but of course I'll do that if necessary. SD card is available for testing. However, I can't find any suitable images or DTB files anywhere.

    I hope for your help, for the easiest method ...

    Many Thanks,


    There is a small limitation at the end ...

    My KII Pro Box is permanently on, but sometimes loses the USB WiFi stick and shows me in the LE Settings only the internal Wifi and the SSIDs. When I restart the box, the USB Wifi stick is back and finds synonymous SSIDs. Unfortunately, I do not know why that could be and is stupid that the box is then no longer found on the IP of the USB Wifi stick. That is confusing and I have no idea why that could be that USB-Wifi eventually fails ...


    you can do that easily. I also had a Dreambox and I switched to a KII Pro with DVB-S2 tuner, these kind of boxes replace the Dreambox optimally and offer many more possibilities to adapt them than there are plugins for the Dreamboxes. You will not regret it in the end.

    Hi everybody, wanted to give some feedback, because the WiFi adapter has arrived now.

    In the LE settings it now shows both adapters, each SSID is displayed twice. You can see the signal strength well with the same SSID, which is the external / good adapter (WLAN0 / WLAN1), the adapter was integrated immediately and requires no further installation.

    so very easy to understand well and extends the box now finally good wireless.

    many thanks for the answer. ;)

    I still have a question about this:

    how can I make sure that the internal adapter does not connect automatically and only the new adapter is used?

    I mean, the internal adapter still knows the password to the SSID and will still connect automatically, right? Or not?
    How can I prevent this?

    thanks for the link...

    but how knows connmanctl which WiFi adapter to take? Or do I have to disable in the LE settings of the internal Wifi first and then proceed after the instructions?
    I mean to have read somewhere that only the internal Wifi must be disabled.


    Hello everybody...

    I've already found some topics here, but nowhere was the solution called.

    I would like to deactivate the internal Wifi chip in my S905 box (KII Pro with LE and use an external USB adapter for Wifi, as we know the internal Wifi chip is not very good.

    That many WiFi sticks are supported by LE is already known, but I do not know how to do that in the console over SSH.

    Does anyone have instructions or can tell how to proceed? The prerequisite is, of course, that the stick is recognized.

    Thanks and regards,


    ...that would be totally cool, if that would work. Then you could reflect the current running system on SD, there test something and if everything works, write back to the internal memory. Yes, I know the backup tool of LE, but it would be easier with this command.

    Would be cool if that would work... ;)


    no there isnt.

    Sadly this is very difficult to set up, i tried many Times, got it some day to run a little, but hasnt saved Settings. And i only wanted to play N64-Roms. I stopped to try, because it is frustrating to find no help with this, when you are not able to do it yourself. Seems, that no one uses this as this Way - most Peaple do this with Lakka-Image, but it is still difficult to configure. Not easier at all, only comes up with Emu, not Kodi.

    Let me know if you get forward with this...


    hey kszaq...

    Thank you for your Reply! And sorry, i wrote from my cellphone and it was late.

    It is - as in my Signature - the KII Pro Box S905, running LE

    i will give it a try later, have to work now.

    is it also possible to set it like this:

    fw_setenv hdmimode 720p60hz
    fw_setenv outputmode 720p60hz

    because the TV is a "hdready" Model with real 720p, it is only a old 32" Samsung

    would that be better in my case with that old tv?

    Thank You!