Enigma2 box VS K3 Pro

  • I'm thinking about replacing the enigma box (Amiko Alien 2) with K3 Pro android box. Because there is just too much hassle with settings on Enigma box. Is there anyone here who switched from enigma to K3 Pro box? I would like to know if it's worth it. Thanks.

  • Hi. 2 Years ago I replaced my dreambox 8000hd with wetek play 2 (amlogic s905 with dvb-s single tuner) . For multimedia wetek is ok using android (weos), libreelec, coreelec ... But for live tv is very very average. Dvb-s tuner is very weak and very often I have problem with few channels on hotbird 13e . Few weeks ago I bought dreambox 920uhd with dual dvb-s2x fbc tuner. There all channels works perfect on this same sat configuration . Now I streaming channels from dreambox to my android box using vu+ pvr backend on coreelec . Live tv works perfect, stable (also recording on dreambox hdd). About built-in tuner in K series I do not know. Maybe are better than wetek

  • the tuner in the k3 pro is fundamentally the same as the khadas vtv board. With an optimised driver it works well. Libreelec/coreelec has good driver support for the dvb chip in the K3.

  • Hey,

    you can do that easily. I also had a Dreambox and I switched to a KII Pro with DVB-S2 tuner, these kind of boxes replace the Dreambox optimally and offer many more possibilities to adapt them than there are plugins for the Dreamboxes. You will not regret it in the end.

    - KIII Box, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, LE on internal - TVH-Frontend

    - KII Pro Box, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash, LE on internal - TVH-Backend/Frontend