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    Tried some 1080p h264 videos on the developement build as well as on 8.0.1f.
    On both audio passthrough works flawless with:
    - AC3 5.1
    - DTS 5.1
    - DTSHD MA 5.1/7.1
    - Dolby TrueHD Atmos 7.1
    - Decoding all of these to 2.0 Stereo for usage on a simple TV only works as well without issues.

    DTSHD HRA seems to be a KODI issue with some AVRs, so there is only the DTS core available for me.
    23.976 fps playback seems to be smooth without frame drops, but I have to watch a few more movies and TV shows first to be absolutely sure.

    Thanks for constantly enhancing Libreelec for Amlogic.

    I think I mentioned this once and other users with different boxes said it worked on theirs, but on my Mini M8S II S905X device DTSHD High Resolution Audio still isn't passed through properly to my AVR. I only get the DTS core. It doesn't matter what build I use. My AVR is capable of DTSHD HRA because I get it with my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. Master Audio is passed through properly and so is Dolby TrueHD.

    It's weird, if I press OK on my TV remote the box boots up just like it does pressing the power button on its original remote.
    If I SSH into Libreelec and see what happens when I press that button and type in dmesg -c after that, I get following answer:

    remote: Wrong custom code is 0xbb44fb04

    Could that maybee help configuring a POWER_ON button or is this just a concidence because of a shared ir code? But the other way around it doesn't work. If I press the power button of that S905X remote the "OK" command isn't sent to my TV because nothing happens.
    TV is LG 55EG910V.

    However, I am still facing issues with my external USB IR receiver.
    Does anyone else experience that?

    I wouldn't use an external one. I tried the FLIRC USB dongle I used on my computer that always worked very good for me. Now I use the internal one and it works even better. I can leave the room and still some commands find their way. You really should create a script for the remote you are using following this tutorial:
    create remote.conf from scratch

    It's not easy at first but when you get the hang of it you can easily configure any remote you want for your box.

    Please observe if there are any audio issues in the dev build compared to 8.0.1e

    I updated from 8.0.1e to dev build after testing it from USB watching a few TV shows. Video playback seams to be a little bit better but I can't say for sure. I didn't have any audio issues using SPDIF passthrough. DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1 work perfectly. Next week I'll be able to check on DTSHD and TrueHD.

    @ essential: You seem to be doing everything right and non of the mentioned should have been an issue. You can try different approaches but I thing the issue is somewhre with your TV or its HDMI input.
    I would try to play with its input settings. Maybee there is a setting that causes the frame rate fixation.

    Exp245: Try to update to devel build from post #2,214
    For some people it helped fixing that issue.

    Real Cinema can output perfect 23.976p, that's true. But along with it comes the well known 24p - judder that makes watching slow moving camera shots unbearable for me.
    With Tru Motion the overall video becomes smoother, I know, but the smoother playback becomes the more I notice these small judders here and there when they occur.
    I have a LG 55EG910V and maybee this is just a huge firmware bug. Using its internal media player fed with an USB source I get about the same smooth playback I get
    with KODI Jarvis on a windows computer attached to my TV via HDMI and "sync playback to display" on.

    -- sorry folks, I went a little off topic. Any recommendations you could give me about my setup in a personal message would be appreciated though. --

    I'm surprised this isn't a bigger issue. Can anyone confirm if refresh rate switching is working correctly on their S905X box? Can anyone confirm if it worked in any prior builds?

    So far every build I tried did the refresh rate switching perfectly. That includeds several 7.0.x as well as 8.0.1a/c/e builds. 8.0.1b gave me frame skips but switching to 24 fps worked generally.
    Make sure to turn off "sync playback to display" and turn on "adjust display refresh rate to match video - always".

    Btw: does anyone using these builds have a LG OLED TV and problems getting 23.976 fps videos to play really smoothly. Because I do. I'm not talking about the typical motion blur but about very little stutters for a short time here and there. First I thought that's because of bad settings I set in KODI on my windows computer. Then I switched back to KODI Jarvis, turned of "adjust display refresh rate to match video" and turned on "sync playback to display". That looked a little weird at first but the stutters didn't appear so often.
    Now on my S905X Amlogic box using Libreelec I tried various builds to get perfect 23.976 fps playback but I think the stutters are back and my TV isn't even capable of displaying at that refresh rate in a proper way. Setting the same settings in Libreelec as I did on my windows computer with KODI Jarvis doesn't give me the same smooth playback at all.

    Would connecting the hometheatre via SPDIF directly to the TV Box solve the issue?
    I mean, would I have 5.1 sound?

    Depends on your source and how you set kodis audio options. If you enable passthrough AC3 and DTS will be send to your AVR with all their channels.
    SPDIF can only pass through 2 channels in PCM format and that's what you get if you don't enable passthrough because kodi would be doing the decoding. If you then try to manually set the output to 5.1 kodi probably picks the wrong two channels of your 6 channel audio file and that's why you barely can hear anyone speiaking.
    So better stick to enabeling passthrough for 5.1 sound and set the speaker configuration to 2.0 for those cases passthrough via SPDIF is not possible so you would at least get a proper stereo sound your AVR can work with and add dolby prologic or something like that.

    Started off on 8.0.1b and have since moved to 8.0.1d (installed to NAND). ... They start off fine but have patches where they begin to judder... maybe for a minute or so ... and then go back to normal.

    I had the same issue with 8.0.1.b. Maybee try 8.0.1.c. That works better for me than any previous build. And what about your video source? USB, LAN, microSD?
    I have a 2,5" USB HDD that has a very high power consumption. I noticed judder here and there always for one minute or so or until I pressed pause and resumed the video.
    After using LAN, a small USB Stick or an USB HDD with its own power supply the judders disappeared. The power supplies of these amlogic boxes seem to be very weak.

    I'm not sure but I think I've read somewhere that LIRC would be supported on these boxes at some point. Am I wrong?
    For now I've set up my harmony remote for my box using this tutorial:

    Giving my box away now to somebody who has no harmony remote but doesnt want to use the included remote or his TVs CEC because of the limited amount of buttons,
    I wonder if I can somehow configure any random remote to work and then use the keymap editor addon to map all the actions he needs for it.
    I haven't found any tutorial about how to do that yet.

    I'm glad to see this thread is still alive.
    This tutorial has worked very well for me using my harmony remote but now I've decided to give my amlogic box to my sister.
    She doesn't have an universial remote so I'd like to configure any random remote with enough buttons for this box.
    I've read something about LIRC may be working for amlogic boxes since one of the former libreelec builds but I can't find a tutorial about how to set it up.
    Am I wrong about LIRC working for s905 boxes or is there any other way to make any random remote control compliant with my amlogic device?

    Edit: Don't bother, found a way. It's not very easy but gets the job done except for the power_on command which I still have the original remote to use for.

    Here the link: thread-3581.html?highlight=remote.conf

    The output of:

    ls /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/


    aud_cap         disp_cap        hdcp_lstore     rawedid
    aud_ch          disp_cap_3d     hdcp_mode       ready
    aud_mode        disp_mode       hdcp_pwr        subsystem
    aud_output_chs  div40           hdcp_ver        support_3d
    avmute          edid            hdr_cap         uevent
    config          hdcp_byp        hpd_state       vic
    dc_cap          hdcp_clkdis     output_rgb
    debug           hdcp_ctrl       phy
    dev             hdcp_ksv_info   power

    cat /etc/release

    gives me: