MariaDB mysql server addon

  • Is this "normal"?


    start kodi, import library: 8230 rows in set (0.098 sec)

    kodi is restarted: 8230 rows in set (6.789 sec)


  • Roughly 6.8 seconds for 8230 for that view is much better than 30 seconds. On a PC+SSD setup it's still sluggish (MySQL 5.x results return instantly), on a RPi-like device with SQLite, it's "just about acceptable" for me. Five seconds is a mental barrier. But it should still go faster IMO.

    So I'd say it's an improvement, if all the other query stuff still works as advertised.

  • No, you missed the point in my post. After library is imported all 8000 rows are fetched in a moment (0.098 sec). But after Kodi exits time is much, much longer (6.789 sec). I don't understand why? I did look mysql log but I don't understand anything other that SELECT :P


  • After the import, I would be guessing the mariadb cache isn't big enough the whole database and thus for "that query" to go fast, but maybe it is?

    What if you run the query 5 times or so, 1 every minute. Is it constantly resulting in the 6.789s regions?

  • I noticed the optimizer_search_depth setting earlier and had some thoughts on it but I hadn't changed it yet.

    I'm gonna be AFK for a couple hours, will test later tonight. :)

  • vpeter: Disable the optimizer_search_depth parameter via a hashtag in my.cnf.

    I thought 0 as value would also work but it does slow down things.

    I still get hiccups sometimes but apparently the MySQL Workbench tool is at fault there.

    The query is now returning data quickly:

    6255 records in 0.173s

    9320 records in 0.224s

  • I just installed Raspbian Stretch & LAMP on a RPi3B+/SSD setup. It installs MariaDB 10.1.37, and the optimizer_search_depth parameter is nowhere to be found in its my.cnf file.

    Also, the episode_view from my Kodi video database is done under a second: 9665 rows in 0.853, which is not bad either in my view.

    I will test the updated mariadb addon for generic later on.

  • vpeter  CvH Okay, on my Intel-Celeron box I uninstalled the old MariaDB add-on, along with its settings. (I haven't double-checked if they were gone..) Then installed the that cvh provided, imported my latest mysqldump, and did the episode_view query.

    I got 9665 records in 0.210 secs, so I guess we can call this myth now busted. 8)

  • Great job! I found that I didnt have this custom sql parameter in configs, so I wasnt affected by it.

    2x VIM3L, 3x X96 Air P3, 6x C2; 6x RPi2; 3x Win7 Kodi + vPeter's mariaDB plugin as Library DB

  • I noticed that when I updated this addon, it changes the password. It also seemed to randomly change the password yesterday. Any way to prevent this behavior?

  • AFAIK for mysql server, password encryption is a one-way street. If it were that easy, hackers would have a blast.

    Only if you press the OK button, the new password values will be stored, otherwise the old/current ones will be used.

    If the addon update auto-changes the new passwords, then there would be problem.

  • If you updated from one of the initial test versions then passwords might be overwritten (once) as the password changes were added shortly before merging and the first run of the current addon would be treated as a first-run and would create/set passwords. However once you're on the current addon that shouldn't happen again. If it does, there's a bug to be investigated.

  • Yes, passwords are reset on addon update. Didn't noticed that before. Will fixed asap.

    But random change of the password should not happen. Only if you deleted addon's home folder with settings.xml then password is regenerated. Can you explain if you do anything with addon settings so I can reproduce?


  • If you were to re-update your add-on from the Kodi packages cache, wouldn't the same thing happen: passwords being overwritten?

  • If you were to re-update your add-on from the Kodi packages cache, wouldn't the same thing happen: passwords being overwritten?

    Yes. I saved one file for compare in addon folder which is removed and recreated on addon update or reinstall.