Problems with scraping metadata.

  • Hello,

    my problem is described also here (since i thought it was a Kodi problem, but it seems it is a Libreelec one):


    I ll be brief

    I made a full Backup from Libre 8 and restore to Libre 8.9.7 (from Kodi 17 to Kodi18)

    All the data were restored fine except an NFS directory where i hold all my animation shows

    I tried to rescrap using tvdb all the shows in that particular directory, but only a few of them were recognized - in Kodi 17 they were all recognized (since there are local nfo files)

    I thought it was a kodi problem and i report there


    I did scrape the "problematic" NFS Directory from my PC (that has Kodi 18 rc3 installed)

    and ALL my animation shows were discovered...

    So it is not a Kodi problem but something shitty happens and i cannot scrape correctly this particular share (stored in a Windows machine using Hanewin NFS Server)

    What should i do? (i dont want to full reset my libre since i have a very large movie library that it took many days to be in the shape that is now (covers, sets, cover-sets, logos etc etc)

  • Do you have folders or filenames with special characters: letters with accents or umlauts, or language-specific characters? Hanewin seems to deal with those a bit different from real Linux NFS servers. Hanewin's listing comes into Kodi for some odd reason when UTF-8 is used or not.

    If that all is not the case, then I have no clue.

  • no special characters...

    the weird this is that this directory is scraped normaly under pc with kodi 18 rc3

    and not from my nuc (that has libre (kodi 18 rc2)) (and it was scrapped fine with kodi 17)

  • Tried using TMDB for those particular tv shows but same thing...

    weird .... really weird...

    since they can be scraped normally from pc... (windows 10, kodi 18 rc3)

    any other idea to try?

  • Updates on my problem...

    As i have said PC latest kodi is scrapping this directory normaly,

    I did this:

    In Libreelec I created another profile,

    Logged to the new profile - added the "problematic" source,

    And EVERYTHING is SCRAPPED NORMALY..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any ideas on what should i do so this Source can also be scrapped on my Master Profile?

  • Update2 and solution

    I am posting the solution to my problem

    I only had to rename the Parent Directory that contained the Shows that could not be scrapped..

    And eveything was scrapped... (in the main profile)

    Weird ...... (something must have gone off with the sources when restoring from previous version of Libre to Libre with Kodi 18)

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