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    Update2 and solution

    I am posting the solution to my problem

    I only had to rename the Parent Directory that contained the Shows that could not be scrapped..

    And eveything was scrapped... (in the main profile)

    Weird ...... (something must have gone off with the sources when restoring from previous version of Libre to Libre with Kodi 18)

    Updates on my problem...

    As i have said PC latest kodi is scrapping this directory normaly,

    I did this:

    In Libreelec I created another profile,

    Logged to the new profile - added the "problematic" source,

    And EVERYTHING is SCRAPPED NORMALY..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any ideas on what should i do so this Source can also be scrapped on my Master Profile?


    my problem is described also here (since i thought it was a Kodi problem, but it seems it is a Libreelec one):


    I ll be brief

    I made a full Backup from Libre 8 and restore to Libre 8.9.7 (from Kodi 17 to Kodi18)

    All the data were restored fine except an NFS directory where i hold all my animation shows

    I tried to rescrap using tvdb all the shows in that particular directory, but only a few of them were recognized - in Kodi 17 they were all recognized (since there are local nfo files)

    I thought it was a kodi problem and i report there


    I did scrape the "problematic" NFS Directory from my PC (that has Kodi 18 rc3 installed)

    and ALL my animation shows were discovered...

    So it is not a Kodi problem but something shitty happens and i cannot scrape correctly this particular share (stored in a Windows machine using Hanewin NFS Server)

    What should i do? (i dont want to full reset my libre since i have a very large movie library that it took many days to be in the shape that is now (covers, sets, cover-sets, logos etc etc)

    I am considering buying a new Nuc8 for playing back 4k hdr files on a 4k hdr TV.

    Does the new generation of Nucs (8) support 4K HDR in Libreelec (Kodi)?

    the lower versions 4005 and 5005 from what i ve read do not support 4K hdr.

    The new ones i3, i5, i7?

    Thank you :cool:

    I think you should wait for the new 2018 nucs i3 and up.... :angel:

    Thank you for the answers , i deleted the samba.conf rebooted an now i was able to access libreelec via pc..


    i cannot access addon folder

    i added in samba.conf those lines


    path = /storage/.kodi/addons

    available = yes

    browsable = yes

    public = yes

    writable = yes

    root preexec = mkdir -p /storage/.kodi/addons

    but every time i reboot, the samba.conf i edited is replaced with one created with libre (not including the addons addition i made)

    Any ideas ??

    Thanks again :)

    Updated to 8.1 beta.

    my Nuc machine with libreelec is

    in the Windows explorer i was typing \\ and i was able to access the machine.

    after the update when i try to access it it asks for username and password - even though i have disabled the option to ask for password.

    i tried to set Maximum SMB version to 3, 2, 1 but still cannot access it..

    Any ideas?

    Thank you :)

    Finally i ve found the problem..

    My server was recently upgraded to windows 10 and the jumbo frames were off, when i turned jumbo frames on NFS worked as intended.

    PCH did not have an issue with jumbo off nor SMB, NFS had.

    It was not a Libre or OE problem.. :)

    Tried different cable... same problem..

    Then i switched to SMB...

    Everything worked JUST FINE..

    With Downloader On..
    Copying a file over ethernet
    Playing back the same movie that had buffer issues on NFS... on SMB NO PROBLEMS at all..

    REALLY weird..

    also tried this

    but same problems in NFS

    as i ve said NFS is working great on my PCH...
    BUT there is a problem on Libre (as there was on OE)...

    anyone can thing of something..
    Switching to SMB is not a viable option since i ll have to rescrape - fix MANY MANY Movies..