Nuc8 does support 4K HDR in Libreelec?

  • I am considering buying a new Nuc8 for playing back 4k hdr files on a 4k hdr TV.

    Does the new generation of Nucs (8) support 4K HDR in Libreelec (Kodi)?

    the lower versions 4005 and 5005 from what i ve read do not support 4K hdr.

    The new ones i3, i5, i7?

    Thank you :cool:

  • As with all new hardware it's impossible to say what will or will not work without actual testing. In practice it *should* work, BUT no one is going to commit to an answer unless they have the actual model and confirm it works.

  • You can play 4kHDR but can't output the hdr itself afaik, because Linux is missing HDR at all at the moment. This get fixed sooner or later.

    But as Intel is Intel you don't know what CPU classes could output HDR at all, they created a clusterfuck at the current Generation with changing the specs. So better be a bit patient ;)