No smooth playback on streaming content

  • Hi!

    I recognize for weeks now issues with streaming content from Netflix or Amazon Prime while playing local content works like a charm.

    The playback is ok but in slow camera movement you can see a slightly stuttering picture.

    My Setup:

    Apple MacMini Mid 2010 (2.66GHz C2D, Nvidia 320M)

    LE 9 Alpha Generic Milhouse build #1128

    Hardware acceleration VDPAU enabled

    Refresh rate adjustment enabled (always)

    Has anybody same or similar issues?



  • Sorry, my bad:

    Please first remove all the banned repositories and their subsequent add-ons/modules from your Kodi setup.

    I see at least 4 banned repos that I recognize as such. Preferably you start with a totally fresh Kodi profile to avoid all such crap.

    As per our forum rules, support will be halted until a 'clean' kodi.log has been provided.

  • I hope I have picked all these ancient repos and addons.

    If not I will wipe everything and make a clean setup for demonstration.

    I double-checked so far but my problem is still there...


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  • You almost had them all, hehe. Look here at the orange repository and script entries in this color-coded version: hastebin

    FYI: this is not about bullying LibreELEC/Kodi users with the wrong add-ons, but we do want to keep a low profile on everything related to video piracy. Kodi's reputation is already being tarnished for the wrong reasons, and that rubs off onto LibreELEC. We don't want to put more gasoline on that fire.

  • I'm trying to solve a similar problem.

    In 8.90.x is something strange, what caused the micro-stuttering in playback.

    In my opinion, this problem is somehow related to the choice of resolution and refresh rate when playing back (new feature in Leia).

    I've been struggling with it for weeks, but without success.

    I am always trying a new revision of Libreelec 8.90.x but without succes (the problem persists in every new release). In the end I always ends with roll back to 8.2.5 (the last revision where is smooth playback of full HD content).

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  • I am using this template The Only Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi Tutorial You Will Ever Need. I have an HD Homerun that I am configuring. The above template recommends codec licenses to enable hardware acceleration. The template is using the Raspberrypi OS. With the LibraElec just enough OS for KODI I do not see any issues. Has anybody had issues were you needed to enable hardware acceleration?

  • I have 2 of the HDHomreRun Quatro tuners and have purchased the MPEG2 licenses for my Raspberry Pis. If you have the HDHomreRun Extend units you can transcode out of MPEG2 and should be fine. If you have the HDHomeRun Connect or Quatro tuners then I would highly suggest the MPEG2 licenses. They are cheap and only take a few days to receive. They make a big difference on CPU utilization.

  • Thank you. I have looked at the licenses for raspberrypi KODI install. I decided on the LibreElec image because it has only what you need. But in the documentation for LibreElec I found no mention of the license. Thanks again.

  • I run LibreElec too on my Raspberry Pis. The licenses come from the Raspberry Pi folks are are tied to the hardware. See this link.for the MPEG2 license key and this link for the VC-1 license key. VC-1 is an old container found on older Blu-Ray DVDs. If you are in the US, with today's exchange rate these licenses are around $3 and $1.50 respectively.