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    Dejan build? What?

    I have a couple Orange Pi One too. It is useless now, because with 512 MB is undermemorized. I have tried it too, due insufficient memory, OP One (loading some addons) continues to crash.

    Can you add into the v9.0.3 a special option "Use only software renderer for AVI files"?

    I have big problem with playing old AVI files with XVID fourcc. Hardware acceleration switch off for MPEG-4 is useless, without success.

    According to me RX550 and better, nothing cheaper. I wouldn't bet on the fact that HD5450 / 6450 will still be supported in version 11 and later. Libreelec does not care much about backward compatibility, which is already apparent from the experience of playing old AVI files.

    Please note that Nvidia GPUs will no longer be supported as per LibreELEC 10...

    Nice to know it.

    I think, it is not problem. Libreelec 10 will be actual since 2020. And at least until version 11 (2021-2022?) will be still able to use version 9 for add-on compatibility.

    I do not understand exactly, but it is written somewhere that VDPAU can operate as a VAAPI subdriver.

    Canceling support for nVidia graphics is a shame because nVidia makes the only true 14nm graphics for the HTPC - GT 1030.

    But I think it will not be so bad, because at that time, almost free (<10 USD) to get used second-hand Intel UHD processor boards.

    For fully supported HDMI output (with 1920x1080 px = Full HD) you need at least AMD Radeon HD 5xxx (or above) or nVidia GT 2xx (or above).

    Ideal are (TDP < 20W - passive cooling) HD 5450, HD 6450, GT 210, GT 710, GT 720.

    Pentium Q8200 is more than sufficient.

    4 GB DDR2 too.

    My experience confirms, that for everything in full HD is enough Core 2 Duo 2,66+ GHz or Core Quad 2,33+ GHz (more powerful is of course not a fault :-).

    Those CPUs can suprisingly with Libreelec handle common H265 HDR streams too (only up to full HD, of course - no 2k or 4k videos!).

    1GB of system memory is fully suficient.

    I am using Intel G31+E8400, 1GB DDR2 800, Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR2 (complete consumption at the wall - idle 38W, burn 66W).

    i am using it with small pico PSU (10 USD) and home-made 12V/8A switching supply (from spare part - 7 USD).

    From second-hand components this can be completed very cheaply.

    Now I am preparing new Librelec machine for friends - I bought old ITX board with Celeron 1037U (for 12 USD) with HDMI output.

    I dont know by what is caused (maybe bad microSD card?), but 4 tries and 4 fails.

    Very buggy.

    I can not even finish setup of instalation, because earlier is coming a crashing or a total freezing (mainly during the add-ons instalation)...

    After any error restart is Orange Pi One often booting into 1024x768/60Hz with no chance for changing it back to 1920x1080... :(

    Nice build. Everything is working excepts VAAPI at mpeg2 hardware acceleration. I must deactivate VAAPI for mpeg2 (Radeon HD 5450), because computer is hard-crashing or only falling to homescreen (better scenario with DVD playing).