LibreELEC (Leia) 9.0.2 MR

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  • Can you add into the v9.0.3 a special option "Use only software renderer for AVI files"?

    I have big problem with playing old AVI files with XVID fourcc. Hardware acceleration switch off for MPEG-4 is useless, without success.

  • Hello,

    New user on a wetek hub and loving it - much faster, thank you for the hard work!

    I had an issue with the previous version due to Kodi being set originally as 4k display, the screen was black and had to lower the resolution down to 1080p. Is it resolve with this update?

  • at what hardware ?

    Intel G31 + E8400 + HD5450.

    But I think, this is about bad muxed AVIs. Another AVIs are played well. Libreelec is not so robust for playing obsolote media-containers as VLC on PC.

  • The 9.0.1 and the 9.0.2 release had both in the changelog listed a partly fix for timeshift. Does timeshift with tvheadend now work without issues? I need working timeshift before atempting to switch over to LibreELEC version 9.

  • It's an addon problem that was fixed and should allow smooth seek and skip at the time shift. It's a long standing problem for years and a lot of people don't use it because it was broken. That's why we mentioned it.