Thank you @kszaq!

  • I've been using your builds for 3 years and are absolutely perfect.

    I have not used the forum for some time and I did not know that you were retiring.

    My daughter and I thank you for your time and effort! every time we watch a movie I think of you!

    I wish you a beautiful life!:thumbup:<3

    Beelink MXIII II 2/16GB - @kszaq [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X

  • Thirded! Great builds for my S905 QBoxes and NexBoxes, great support. Will need to move on to CoreELEC after Leah gets some bugs ironed out.

  • Fourthed (if that exists)! Very good starting point for the boxes - now on CoreELEC, but that, too, has profited a lot from kszaq I am given to understand.



    Formerly: Intel Atom, Dockstar/Pogoplug (headless PVR Server)

    Production: Wetek Play, RPi3, Cubietruck (headless PVR Server), Nvidia Shield client, XBOX ONE Tuner, Sundtek Media TV Sticks

    Experimental: Various AMLogic S905X (W) devices

  • Agreed. I have all my friends/family running on kszaq's builds and they were great to this day.

    The amount of time he invested, not only on the builds -- but in patiently helping people on the forum, etc -- a truly selfless and gratuitous [email protected] being. I, too, would like to wish him the best and let him know that he's touched the lives of many on this side.

    (huh .. for some reason the word [email protected] is censored in this forum, lol)

  • We block lots of words that are frequently used in pharma spam. It's annoying to find words that are blocked, but the occasional apology (sorry) is less work for the forum staff than having to delete a daily deluge of pharma spam posts.