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    I'm having the same TV scraping issue reported in this thread. On my installation I have neither archive support or RAR archive support installed.

    Thirded! Great builds for my S905 QBoxes and NexBoxes, great support. Will need to move on to CoreELEC after Leah gets some bugs ironed out.

    I've been in here lurking since kszacq began working the 905, but never had any questions because his builds have always exceeded my expectations. 3800 forum posts later, he's still plugging along and producing excellence. - I'm amazed at the dedication that he has injected into the project.

    Saying "Thank you" doesn't seem enough, so I'll send him an extra-large coffee with a double shot of his adult additive of choice, it's the least I can do. -> PayPal.Me

    I'm looking forward to playing with the new Nougat builds.

    Only one way to find out [emoji16]

    Yes, I do need to play with the T5, But my question is: Do all users need to Kludge nearly every remote that worked (mostly) Out-of-box on previous versions?

    I understand that Upgrading an OS often breaks things, but did something fundamental with peripherals break that should be addressed before release, or is a fix already in the pipeline?

    I was reading about the causes of the recent DDOS attacks on DynDNS that caused massive service outages. These attacks came from botnets composed of compromised IOT devices using a MIRAI variant. This has me thinking about possible vulnerabilities in the OpenELEC/LibreELEC OS. I have a few questions.

    1) Is there a potential for a device running vanilla LibreElec to become co-opted into a botnet via default passwords?
    2) How much vulnerability does the system have with a malicious addon installed, how much control is an addon allowed?
    3) What are best practices for the platform?

    I have shied away from android TV boxes out of concerns due to most of them not being rooted but having permissions granted to strange parties. Paranoid? Maybe, but I've elected to use devices (RPi, M8) that can be cleanly flashed with OE/LE in hopes of eliminating vulnerabilities (and because it's faster and runs superbly). This zombie-network attack has shaken my confidence and sense of security in everything, including my Kodi systems.

    Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks to the team for all of the great work.