is it possible? imx6 <=> RPi?

  • I'm looking thur the forums and i see an awful lot of Rpi,
    but i don't see many imx6 addons/link/supports for lack of better words.
    and of course googling this didnt help

    so, my question is this:
    are Rpi addons compatible with imx6?

  • Most of Kodi addons are platform independant so these should work on both.
    But there are RPi specific tweaks/"hacks" that cant be used on other HW platforms, and vice versa of course!

  • Animejin:

    As LibreELEC has it's own add-on repository which is available on all of the LibreELEC versions we provide, the add-ons should be the same on any platform.

    But we could help more, if you name the add-on(s) you are searching for.

  • @DaVu
    i was interested in retroarch, but everytime i googled it, i keep getting refered to gamestarter for Rpi.
    i would say same thing with chrominum:Rpi and generic but no mention of imx6
    but vpeter has mention there's no chromimum for imx6

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  • update: after download the gamestarter zip and thur the add-on menu installed it. it kicks back to kodi main "home" menu when i try to activate it...