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    Well I can't give an exact answer about this. I have all my roms on my NAS & use Generic / RPi & KVIM builds with different emulators to run the same games. So I can play Link to the past on all systems with different emulators but all systems run the same RA version and are Linux builds. Have you tried to update your RA version? I mean 1.7.3 is about one year old and almost 4800 commits were merged since then.

    well one problem solved, turns out its was [mupen] vs [paraLLEI] which save differently. Now i have a different problem(s) the volume control outside of kodi, for example chrome or dolphin, the volume is fixed at 100% and the volume keys (up/down/mute) dont work outside kodi. i have tried to search this problem before and google kept finding the wrong thing....

    I dont know if its me or if i'm lacking a method here. i have retroarch on multiple devices and OSes (two biggest ones are this and windows.) but when i transfer the .srm file (which is the save pak) from windows (1.7.3) to here (1.7.6) i always get a corrupt mempak error and its deletes my save and fill the mempak with a bunch of zero files. this prevent me from taking my game with me when im not at home....

    so.....are the saves in retroarch transferable?

    to answer your question, i did have problems with the higher versions, so 7.0.2 was more stable at the time, i haven't tried to upgrade in a while.

    yes, i used windows because it can transfer over 2-3 times faster of youtube videos or anime or movies much faster than a Samba or SFTP connection could, (avg sizes: 1 GB - 5GB from time to time)

    i think i figured out why it mounts it as read-only....

    when i'm in windows, i didnt use the "eject safety" option on the sdcard marking "dirty". once i "safety" removed the sdcard, mount shows it as rw instead of ro

    however, even with rw, i can't delete any videos( or make new directories from ssh/samba), why?

    Iridium, you're in the right family product, the model im working with is cubox-i2exw.

    for the kodi.log :


    output of "df -h":

    and mount:

    while i know how to use linux, windows is my primary OS. that and i manage most of my drives like (3) thru windows as well. i had forgotten about exFAT, i can try to see that will work. however, i would like keep NTFS if possible.

    Hi there,i have a problem and google has not been helpful.
    (and yes, i did try google first, because i sure someone will say "try google")

    I have a 119GB microsd card divided into 3 partitions:
    3)Media partition(Ntfs)

    for some reason (3) is being treated as a system drive as in read-only, and i cant find the file that controls this behavior and fstab is empty as well
    so, how can i get (3) to be read-write instead of read-only?


    "qmake: could not exec '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qmake': No such file or directory"

    is qmake necessary? this shows up every time...

    even stranger is when i use "whereis qmake", it says "qmake: /usr/bin/qmake" not '/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qmake'

    are these files one and the same?

    When i saw how the LE8 community build had BOTH kodi and retroarch. i wanted to test it on my cubox-i 4x4.

    strangely enough, there was no imx6 build for it. so, i look up how make it. so i have the directory, ran the make image command with the correct parameters.

    ......until i get errors. i have a ~30MB log file documenting the whole process.

    i'm running Ubuntu 16.04 headless on a 500GB duo-core tower with 4GB ram. Am i running out of RAM here?

    the last time i tried this project was back in august. i have already tried the "Generic" build of LE8 on my laptop, and i still want it on my cubox.

    so, as the title says..."what am i missing or doing wrong?"

    i was interested in retroarch, but everytime i googled it, i keep getting refered to gamestarter for Rpi.
    i would say same thing with chrominum:Rpi and generic but no mention of imx6
    but vpeter has mention there's no chromimum for imx6