Ext HDD bootup

  • Doesn't anyone know how to delay starttup so my external hard drive has time to spinup properly. Its very flaky at best when booting up. Some times its there other times it isn't. Ive previously had a portable hdd (2.5,) attached which worked fine but now moved to a powered external hdd (3.5 inch.) Its doesn't always show in file manager. Any help would be great.

  • It's probably not the cheapest solution, but replacing your HDD with an SSD should solve that problem. 8o

    3.5 drives are bulkier, and 5900rpm versions tend to start slower than the 7200rpm ones.

    Which type of hardware are you using for Kodi? RPi, PC, Android..?!?

  • Adding sleep doesn't work at all. I added a delay of a minute to see if it would make an difference on a reboot and it doesn't. Is there anyway to get the drive to mount first? Ive tried mounting it in autostart.sh and it didn't make any difference. exactly the same result.

  • Is your disk USB powered? If yes try adding some powered USB hub to it.

    It is not clear what is your problem actually. Does it work sometimes? Then run dmesg | pastebinit when it works and when doesn't and post link you get.

    Better support for Amlogic devices: use CoreELEC

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    my lamp addon (unofficial/community with limited support)
    my touchscreen support and instructions by Grruhn (now touchscreen addon exists in repository)

  • Create a script that checks at 1 second intervals for the drive being mounted or until a suitably large timeout value is reached, and then create a systemd service required by the Kodi service to run the script. The combination should see Kodi 'delayed' until the drive has mounted.