LibreELEC 8.x images for additional dvb drivers

  • Silicon Labs Si2168

    The official LE 8.0-8.2 has native TBS driver support, with LE9 there are these addons that I have in my builds currently.

    At the driver Silicon Labs Si2168 is the name of the used chips at your TBS card, this is "normal". Just use it as if they are the normal TBS card :)

  • I now feel very guilty about taking up your time, but I had no idea that the TBS drivers were incorporated into the "official" version of LibreELEC 8.2 The backend reports the chipset presumably, which threw me as I was expecting to see TBS6281. I have got things working although some of the TV channels, especially HD, freeze after a few seconds. This is a problem I had some time ago but it seemed to fix itself. However, this is not the problem I started with - that is fixed, thanks to your help.

    I am most grateful and hope you will continue your excellent work on this software. Incidentally, this version of Kodi resolves an issue I have bemoaned for quite a while - the limited visible tags for music files, which is a pain for classical music. The new menu item "Roles" fixes this and I can now search by composer - I'm very happy about that!

    Many thanks and best regards.

  • no problem, at least we get it solved :)

    I'll wait for you to add the Hauppauge addon then

    :( I still searching a kernel version where it works :(

  • Do I need to flash this or can I update?

    EDIT: Nevermind. I used a backup. All works fine now. Thank you!

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  • Hello!

    I have here two USB DVB-S Reciever:

    Mystique Satix-S2 Sky USB and SkyStar USB 2 HD CI Rev. 2.0

    with both i am not able to use in Libreelec. Both would be regognized with the drivers, but there are problems at channel scanning. I preparded VDR and tvheadend. The Skystar is able to find some channels the Mystique doesnt find anything.

    Is here anyone with these USB Reciever? Is the image for additional dvb drivers necessary for use? how can i download the image?

    Thx 4 help!

  • mglae I also fixed (at least I think so) the DD drivers, pls have a look if they work now !

    The change looks good to me and my DD DVBCT V6.1 is working fine. Thanks a lot.

  • OK - I'll take a deeper look today and send any info I find. I'm only seeing a single tuner on my RPi3.


    Didn't see anything out of whack...just seems to load only 1 dvb. I didn't see a "Hauppauge" addon with the other dvb driver addons, so I tried enabling each one - but still single tuner. Here's dmesg:


    Happy to test things - or if you've updated a repo I can download, I can run some test builds and see if the patches are messed up for Hauppauge. Thanks!

  • I checked the repo - you're missing the dvb.hauppauge in the RPi2 options:

    # include crazycat drivers addon in image
    ADDITIONAL_DRIVERS="$ADDITIONAL_DRIVERS dvb.crazycat dvb.tbs dvb.media_build dvb.digital_devices driverselect"

    I was going to try a new build environment on Windows 10 Ubuntu - so I'll update the line and see if my build works. Of's running on a Dell tablet so who knows how long a first build will take!! :-) If your updated build posts first, I'll try that.