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    I now feel very guilty about taking up your time, but I had no idea that the TBS drivers were incorporated into the "official" version of LibreELEC 8.2 The backend reports the chipset presumably, which threw me as I was expecting to see TBS6281. I have got things working although some of the TV channels, especially HD, freeze after a few seconds. This is a problem I had some time ago but it seemed to fix itself. However, this is not the problem I started with - that is fixed, thanks to your help.

    I am most grateful and hope you will continue your excellent work on this software. Incidentally, this version of Kodi resolves an issue I have bemoaned for quite a while - the limited visible tags for music files, which is a pain for classical music. The new menu item "Roles" fixes this and I can now search by composer - I'm very happy about that!

    Many thanks and best regards.

    I now have 8.2 "official" version, but as far as I'm aware it does not incorporate TBS drivers. There is no option I can find to load them, as in the examples for your dvb version. The system has detected a TV card, but the wrong one (?) - Silicon Labs Si2168 - when I go to set it up. I'll see whether I can get anywhere with that. It certainly was not what I was expecting!

    if you reboot there should be an text that complain about the problem - could you have a look what is written there ?

    By the text file, I assume you mean the log file, which is the only one I can find. I have pasted that to MHLT

    btw you did it that way right ?

    I downloaded the update file from LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2.0-dvb-1.0.img.gz and copied it to /storage/.update via scp. It still sits there.

    The update has worked by this method at least once before - I can't remember whether the update from 7.0 to 7.0.2 required one update or two, but 7.0 required a complete reinstall from OpenELEC because of its smaller sized system partition.

    I'm very grateful for your help, as a thorough search has not revealed anyone else having the same problem. If all else fails, I found the notes I made when I did the last reinstall (7.0) and I know the keys to press even if I can't see the prompts on the monitor. When I try to reinstall from a bootable USB, the monitor is black after the start-up splash screen, with only occasional very short flashes of the normal content!

    Thanks for your reply CvH. I did copy the 8.2 file to the update folder, but LibreELEC takes no notice of anything I put in there. I have a TBS6281 card which worked beautifully under 7.0.2. The order of upgrades was 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 generic (accidental) then 7.03 to 8.2.0 generic, both via the Update function in Settings -> System. These worked fine, but anything I put in the updates folder is ignored on reboot. I can't work out why.

    Re my post #783, with nothing to lose, I selected the 8.0 update channel to see whether that would help. It did upgrade to the generic 8.2.0 version with no problems, but of course I still have no TBS drivers and the system still refuses to take account of any files in the update folder (I have made them executable). Doing an installation from scratch is possible, but the installation files play havoc with my monitor for some reason as soon as the splash screen disappears, so it is a very difficult operation.

    I have been happily using version 7.0.2 for about a year and a half - brilliant work CvH! It works almost flawlessly, but I thought it was time now to update to 8.2.0, using the file LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2.0-dvb-1.0.img.gz. The system ignored the file in the update folder on reboot. I inadvertently updated via the LibreELEC Settings -> Updates facility, which did update to 7.0.3 generic, but of course with no TBS drivers. I have tried to get back to 7.0.2 using the original .tar file but as before, the system no longer seems to respond to any files in the update folder. I do have a complete backup. Is my only option to do a full reinstall and if so, using which version?

    Have a look at MusicBrainz 'Pickard' .. it's much (much) more than a tag editor, but if you want to cure a whole bunch of other tagging related things that you're probably unaware of in your library and ensure your media scrapes correctly it's the best option.

    Thanks for your very swift response, chewitt. The MusicBrainz scraper looks promising, although I have not yet found the add-on in the repos! Unfortunately all these scrapers are very limited in their configuration and as the great majority of my music library is classical, the results from online scrapers need a great deal of editing. I easily installed Picard on my OpenSUSE computer - it's in the repos - so I have been looking at the system on that computer. However, as far as I can see, I need it on the LibreELEC media centre itself if I am to overcome the Samba limitation. The alternative, I think, would be to add NFS server capability to LibreELEC.

    Some of the CDs I ripped by Kodi turned out to have colons in the filenames. As I was running LibreELEC on my media centre and the computer I was using to edit the tags (puddletag) was also running Linux (OpenSUSE 13.2) this was never a problem, so I continued the use of this file naming convention and now have several thousand files and folders with colons in their names.

    An upgrade to OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 on the computer used to access the media centre has caused a problem and any folder with a colon in its name renders the files within it invisible. Puddletag's window is also blank. I assume this is due to a change in the version of Samba, such that mounting via CIFS now prohibits illegal characters in the Windows file system. I have tried mounting with the mapchars option, but this had no effect.

    Short of changing every colon in every folder and filename on the system, it seems to me the only option is to install an NFS server in LibreELEC, unless there is a tag editor add-on for Kodi. An add-on would be far simpler to administer as it does not require the creation of a special version of LibreELEC which would need to be done at every upgrade. It would also mean tag editing could be done directly in the media centre, without the need to mount the drive on a separate computer. I have searched all the add-ons but have not found a tag editor other than a few for a Windows OS.

    I would be most grateful if anybody could possibly point me in the right direction, if such a solution exists.

    this is a generic problem, but honestly no idea whats wrong - maybe check you recording location (also the old ones) and move your files to the new location

    Thanks again CvH. I was sure it was a generic problem and I won't bother you any more with it. The same thing happened going from OE5 to OE6, although I have only ever used TBS builds. All the recorded files, old and new *appear* to be in the same location, whether you use System | File Manager or SSH into LE. All the correct subfolders are under /storage and all work as expected except for recordings. It's no big deal - I can still get at the old ones through File Manager.

    but then the screen went blank and stayed that way apart from the odd fraction of a second flash of something that looked like a dialogue box

    I am very pleased with the end result and I like the improvements made over OpenELEC 6.0.1. I still have one head-scratcher, but it may be an issue for a separate thread - possibly in the generic area, please advise if so. My "system" drive is an SSD, but my "data" drive is a 4TB HDD. After installation, I need to point LE to the HDD to access the data. This works perfectly for music and videos, but not for TV recordings. If I use the file manager, or SSH into the system, the recordings are in /storage/recordings. They are all there, both old ones and ones made since the LE installation. But if I try to access the recordings under TV | Recordings, only the new ones (since LE was installed) show up. I am using Tvh 4.2.

    I am replying to my own post. I managed eventually to see enough of the screen from the very brief flashes to work out what keys to press and successfully did a clean installation of LibreELEC. The installation problem appears to be with the video driver. My native screen resolution is 2560 x 1440. This problem does not occur with the OpenELEC image files, so it might be something the devs want to look into.

    Now that support for TBS cards has moved from OE to LE, I am trying to change from OE 6.0.1 (CvH TBS build) to LE 7.0.0. Initially, I tried the update route, using CvH file LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.0-dvb-drivers-1.0.tar. This failed with the error "size check failed". I wondered whether this was due to the problem with the size of the boot partition, so I tried a fresh installation from the .img file.

    This booted into LE OK with the splash screen, but then the screen went blank and stayed that way apart from the odd fraction of a second flash of something that looked like a dialogue box. This happens every time.

    I then tried an update from 6.0.1 to generic 6.0.3, losing the TBS drivers of course, but apart from that, successfully. However, this did not change anything for either the update or the fresh install of LE.

    I would be very grateful for any ideas on how to get around the problem.

    Intel Core i3 on Gigabyte GA-Z97M-d3H Micro ATX
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    System drive: Kingston 120GB SSD
    TBS 6281 dual terrestrial TV card