Better SSD +200 GB?

  • "Best" is a subjective word. Best for speed, best for value, best for reliability? Also 2.5" Sata or M.2 SSD?

    IMO you can't go wrong with Samsung EVO.

  • I recently bought a Crucial MX500 (500GB) SSD, which also has a 5-year warranty (for what it's worth). Crucial has the better price/performance towards Samsung I think. Speed differences between the two are hardly noticeable in real-life environments.

    If you're only looking for a system disk, running LibreELEC, have a look at the cheaper Kingston SSDs. 120GB is already overkill, and 64GB SSDs are not even sold anymore AFAIK.

  • I bought a Drevo 64gb ssd from Amazon. It's cheap & going to this after using a usb & haven't noticed any speed difference.

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  • I'd go for the (s)lower grade of Crucial SSD's or whatever is on clearance sale because there is zero need for ultimate performance from fast SSD models on an HTPC box. Anything better than spinning rust is already awesome :)